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>> Baginskiy presented the first scented candle/instagram

The world-famous Ukrainian brand Ruslan Baginskiy presented the first scented candle. It is placed in a sculptural form made of Grain De Sel glass, which smells of summer and notes of sea salt.

On March 28, Ruslan Baginskyi presented a new project on the Instagram social network – aromatic candles. Read how the network evaluated this news.

The specially developed scent opens with soft notes of warm fruits that have been lying for a day under the hot sun, the bottom notes are wood and salt. A combination that smells like summer, inspired by an ideal vacation spot, where nature is calm and the air is pleasantly heavy.

I wanted to achieve a smell that can only be found on the seashore, not to be confused with anything else. A place of rest, where we find ourselves in our imagination, where the smell of the sea is felt as soon as you step out of the car, plane or train. The moment of freedom is ahead. The concept of the candle is based on this idea: as soon as you open the box, you can smell the sea and summer without even lighting it. You end up there, says Ruslan Baginskyi.

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The form with a tactile matte texture was developed in cooperation with Ukrainian masters of tempered glass. The palette includes seven colors of sea and ocean waters, and yellow is a symbol of the sun. Cooperation with Ukrainian craftsmen emphasizes the brand's work in preserving traditional techniques and their adaptation in a modern context.

Like hats, fragrances are something closely associated with one particular person, something very personal. Creating a candle became a very organic decision. As with everything we create, it was important to me to combine the handmade with the spirit of today. This is truly a dream project. I have been working on various aspects of creating a candle for about a year. Development of a fragrance that combines the theme of summer heat, salt. Search for masters for cooperation, search for technicians; completion of colors and forms. We received incredibly positive feedback when we first introduced the candle during Paris Fashion Week. I am very happy that now the object of Ruslan Baginskiy can become part of the homes of our RB-community, – noted the designer.

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