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The aroma of perfume will last all day with the help of this simple secret

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun9,2024

Make your perfume last all day with this simple secret

This trick will allow perfume to last longer on the body/marymarkevich

The woman demonstrated how easy it is to extend the durability of your favorite perfume without significant expenses. Try it yourself, so that the aroma does not evaporate throughout the day.

The video with this life hack was published on TikTok under the nickname Charla's Cleaning Hacks. To implement this unexpected life hack, you only need one thing and a little patience. And for those who do not have time at all, there is an even simpler method.

What should be done?

In order for the aroma of perfume to last longer, you should follow a few simple steps:

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  • Melt the petroleum jelly by placing the jar with it in hot water.
  • Wipe the jar dry and make sure that the petroleum jelly has turned into a jelly-like liquid.
  • Add the perfume of your choice to the petroleum jelly.
  • Place the closed jar with perfumed vaseline in the refrigerator.
  • Wait until the mass solidifies again.
  • Charla, the author of the video, assured that after these simple actions, the aroma will last 'jasti or neck will last all day.

    “Thank me later,” she wrote.

    Vaseline and Perfume Life Hack: Watch Video

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    We have an even easier way

    The Guardian also tested a similar but even simpler hack. The point is to apply Vaseline to your neck or wrist before spraying the perfume.

    Journalist Anita Bhagwandas applied perfume in different ways for two days in a row: one wrist with Vaseline , and on the other – without. On the first day, she chose a floral fragrance, on the second – woody notes, known for their persistence. According to her, there was a noticeable difference in the evening. The scent lasted better with Vaseline, which even her friend confirmed. Anita emphasized that the life hack with Vaseline really works.

    What is the secret of the life hack?

    As Anita explained, on dry skin, scents do not last as long because perfumes contain alcohol, which dries it out . Vaseline prolongs the drying process of the skin, so the fragrance lasts longer. Vaseline can also be replaced with an odorless cream.

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