The Argentine, the singer's ex-boyfriend, 'put his batteries on and spoke nicely in her ear,' according to the press.

The Argentine, the singer's ex-boyfriend, 'put his batteries on and spoke nicely in her ear,' according to the press.

The separation process between soccer player Gerard Piqué and singer Shakira continues to appear chapters with each passing day.< /p> Piqué does not rest: Shakira's mother speaks after the announcement of their separation Piqué, cornered: controversial alleged contract with his 'new girlfriend' leaked

After the entertainment press revealed the alleged contract that Piqué would have made the woman he would be dating sign, he leaked information that would speak of the contact that Shakira would be having with Antonio de la Rúa, her ex-partner before entering the relationship with the soccer player.

According to the version of the program 'Gossip no Like', sitting in Miami (United States), compromising messages from the Argentine would be reaching the singer from Barranquilla.
The hosts of the 'show' speak of an “overheated” situation.

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'You have to remember old times'

The Argentine, the singer's ex-boyfriend, 'got his act together and spoke nicely into her ear,' according to the press.

As is public knowledge, Antonio de la Rúa had a relationship with Shakira for almost 11 years, when both were in their third decade of life.

The relationship, it was learned, ended in a cumbersome process of lawsuits and economic claims.

After that process, Gerard Piqué appeared on the scene in Barranquilla.

Well, now that Shakira is ending her relationship with the Barcelona player, the Argentine, single, would be trying get back in touch with her.

“Mr. De la Rúa got his act together, spoke nicely into her ear, and said: 'You have to remember old times'”, pointed out a presenter of the mentioned program.

“Apparently there they are giving their boost. This seems dangerous to me, because of the tug-of-war going on, with the divorce and so on”, added the man, who in dialogue with his colleagues insisted that it would be “overheating”.

“There have been little messages, according to what we have been told. De la Rúa got married, had his family and everything. But a year ago he separated (…) You alone, I alone”, he concluded.

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