The Argentine star turns 35 this Friday. 

The Argentine star turns 35 this Friday. 

Despite not being among the most active celebrities on social networks, Antonela Roccuzzo does not miss an opportunity to show off the great love she feels for her husband, Lionel Messi, and for the three children who were born as a result of their relationship.

Whether it's to celebrate anniversaries, record her romantic outings or share the athlete's soccer achievements, she always has a post ready for the occasion. The PSG player's birthday was no exception and, as soon as the day arrived, at European midnight, Rosario dedicated a romantic letter to him.

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The Argentine star turns 35 this Friday. 

Despite the obstacles that life put up for them and the long distances that separated them due to Messi's early career, the love they had for each other managed to triumph over all things. The strong bond that unites them is more and more evident with each public appearance they make together and posting on the networks they make. From the subtle glances they exchange at the big events they attend to the tight dances they perform in the privacy of family parties, everything serves as evidence in front of the demanding eyes of the audience.< That is why, out of the millions of fans that Lio has internationally, Antonela is ranked number one. She is perhaps only surpassed by her three sons: Thiago, Mateo and Ciro. Therefore, her social networks revolve around the many activities they do together and how much she celebrates the man she has by her side. Thus, on the day she turns 35, the publication to wish her a happy birthday was immediate.

Antonella's message to Lio on Instagram

Despite the fact that in Argentina the calendar had not yet reached June 24, the Messi family began the celebrations earlier since they are currently in Spain. As soon as the hands of the clock marked twelve o'clock at night in the beach town of Ibiza, Antonela put a pause on her vacation activities and rushed to upload the romantic post.

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“Happy Birthday my love! Loving you more is impossible!”, he typed as a description and accompanied the sweet message with a long string of heart emoji. As for the photos, she chose three of her favorites. The first shows them together, standing next to each other and with a huge smile. In the second, Messi can be seen in the pool surrounded by the three children and, in the last, he is portrayed alone, standing with a beautiful sunset in the background.

The reaction to the publication on social networks< p class="content" id="p682574-m809-10-810">
The post, after four hours, already had more than 1.1 million “likes” and the comments section was filled with greetings to the beloved birthday boy.

La Nación (Argentina)

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