The Argentine press gave new details of the case that the Colombian is facing.

The Colombian soccer player Sebastián Villa is once again in the news in Argentina in the process that follows him for alleged sexual abuse and attempted of homicide.

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The Colombian was summoned for questioning, as revealed by TyC Sports. The player will perform on Friday, June 24, at 8:30 a.m. (Colombian time).

In said summons, Villa must deliver his version of the events for which he was sued by a woman.

Prosecutor Vanesa González hopes to collect information on the alleged attack on Rocío Tamara Dóldan, after a guarantee judge in Lomas de Zamora rejected the request for house arrest.

The prosecutor had requested the arrest of the Colombian, considering that there was danger of escape.

However, the request was rejected by the judge of Guarantees of Lomas de Zamora Javier Maffucci Moore, who considered that the victim's statement is not enough evidence to imprison him and suggested that the prosecutor González deepen the investigation.

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“There are sufficient elements of the commission of the crime of Sexual Abuse with carnal access in accordance with the provisions of article 119 third paragraph of the Penal Code and sufficient reason to suspect that Sebastián Villa Cano has participated in its commission; this as it arises from the records in the record, namely: record of complaint filed by the victim Rocío Tamara Doldan, her ratification of the complaint, other testimonial statements, etc., designate a hearing for June 24 of the current year at 10:30 a.m. so that the accused can appear before the stands of this Prosecutor's Office to give a statement under the terms of article 308 of the C.P.P.”, says the ruling.

This Friday, the lawyer of the complainant, Roberto Castillo, said that “the prosecutor has the firm conviction that the fact is proven” and that surely after inquiring Villa, “she will ask again for preventive detention” of the soccer player, according to Telam

Villa is facing another trial for alleged gender-based violence against Daniela Cortés, her former Colombian partner, who already has a summons for an oral trial.


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