The Argentine influencer made a video in which he talks about soccer players from our country. 

Jero Freixas, an Argentine influencer, has become famous on social networks with humorous videos whose theme revolves around football . In them he has been seen with competition shirts heading to weddings, wakes and other social events.

Freixas rose to fame in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, with a particular way of following the matches of the Argentine National Team, in videos that initially uploaded to YouTube, but later expanded to networks such as Twitter and Instagram.

Always accompanied by his wife, Jose de Cabo, Freixas sets up amusing conversations in which football always comes to the fore.

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The tribute to Colombian football

Jero will come to the country in the next few days, and so he took the opportunity to pay tribute to the most famous Colombian soccer players. Although he missed where a well-known Colombian name plays.

In the video, Jero approaches his wife and tells her that his daughter is happy about the trip to Colombia, because it is the land of 'Encanto' , the Disney movie that premiered in November last year and in which the culture of the country was the protagonist.

The parents melted with tenderness at their daughter's comment, but then the influencer saw an “educational opportunity to show him that Colombia is more than 'Encanto'”.

For this reason, he took the opportunity to mention soccer players such as Carlos el 'Pibe' Valderrama, Freddy Rincón or Faustino Asprilla.

The wife regretted that Jeiro had not taught her more than Colombian soccer players , and exclaimed: “I thought you had told him who García Márquez is”…

Freixas, always in the same vein, only managed to ask where he played, and even gave him football nicknames.
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