The approval of the management of Gabriel Boric picks up after two months in decline

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The pension system reform project and the visit to the Mapuche conflict zone would have to do with an 8-point rise in the latest survey of Cadem

Gabriel Boric's management approval rebounds after two months in decline


Cristián Torresfrom Santiago, Chile

The approval of Gabriel Boric's management rebounds after two months in decline

The president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, rose 8 points from support in the last week.

The approval of Chilean President Gabriel Boric rose 8 points in the last week according to a well-known poll.

This occurs after the president traveled to the area of ​​La Araucanía where he recognized “acts of a terrorist nature” in the region, and after the presentation of the Pension Reform project that seeks to improve pensions for retirees in the country.

Such a surge in the president's approval rating has not been seen since late September, and after six weeks of poor performance.

Boric's management approval rose from 25% to 33% according to the Cadem survey. Disapproval of the president fell sharply and dropped to 58%, eleven points less than the previous poll.

Regarding the Pension Reform project, 41% of those surveyed agree with the initiative while 43% do not. When asked about the eventual new constitution for the country, 64% of those surveyed expressed their support and 66% favored a drafting body made up of a Mixed Convention, that is, half elected by the people and half experts appointed by Congress. .

The Rise

The approval of the management of Gabriel Boric rebounds after two months in decline

Prior to these results of the Cadem survey, the president traveled to the Araucanía region and presented the Pension Reform project.

The rise of the president, but above all the political turn of La Moneda, is under analysis in Chile. For Mauricio Morales, an analyst at the University of Talca, the nation's leader would be making changes in his way of governing in the midst of a country undergoing an economic, political and security crisis.

“The President has already given up on his original strategy consisting of a program of structural transformations,” and that before this “we are facing a figure that is much more moderate and aware of the critical situation the country is going through,” he told

The political analyst, Guillermo Holzmann, has a similar opinion about the “change of tone” of the Chilean government, a modification “that will probably bring revenues” but also costs within its ranks. “It generates costs in terms of the fact that in Approve Dignity, the Broad Front, the Communist Party, they are not going to agree with what they are pointing out. We are going to have to see how the President gambles his leadership in the primary coalition that is supporting him”.

For lawyer Gonzalo Cordero, everything would be due to the “need to govern ” because “today the Broad Front, the Communist Party and in particular the President, have to govern the country and that means, in order to legitimize their role, safeguard public order, give security to the people, it means giving certain conditions so that economic life develops”.

The political analyst from the Metropolitan Technological University, Máximo Quitral, there has been a “political realism” in President Boric in recent days, and that the president “It cannot remain only in analysis or criticism, self-criticism. It must be translated into a new political agenda that provides a solution and an answer to the problems that currently afflict the country and are sufficiently clear”.

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