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The “anti-smartphone” Light Phone III with a camera and an OLED screen is presented

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun15,2024

The "anti-smartphone" Light Phone III with a camera and an OLED screen is presented

"Anti-smartphone" The Light Phone II, which came out five years ago and can only make calls and send text messages, is now selling better than ever, the manufacturer claims.

On the wave of popularity, the startup Light Phone presented a third-generation model that gained several new functions, but remained as simple a device as possible.

The biggest change of Light Phone III is the new display. The E Ink screen is gone, replaced by a 3.92-inch black-and-white OLED panel with a resolution of 1080 x 1240 pixels. Along with this, a bezel for manual brightness adjustment appeared on the left side. It can also be used as a button to turn on the flashlight.

Another notable innovation was the camera. A 50-megapixel sensor is installed on the back panel, and on the front — 8-megapixel. They support reading QR codes. In addition, there is a special button to release the shutter, as in old devices. However, there is no editing or sharing, the device only allows you to document moments.

The heart of the Light Phone III was the Qualcomm SM 4450 processor, which is complemented by 128 GB of storage and 6 GB of RAM. Such a connection is unlikely to be able to boast of high performance, but this is not a problem at all for the Light Phone – it runs on the proprietary LightOS and does not support third-party applications and games.

Thus, the functionality of the Light Phone III is limited to a set of applications: calls, calendar, maps, alarm clock, podcasts, music and timer. The novelty can also work in access point mode, distributing the Internet to other devices.

According to the developers, Light Phone will allow (even if only temporarily) to get rid of the continuous flow of information and annoying messages from social networks, as well as focus on real life.

You can also note the presence of an NFC chip. So far it makes no sense, but in the future the smartphone will be made suitable for payments. There is a USB-C port and a fingerprint scanner.

The novelty is already available for order, and it will go on sale in January. Price — 400 dollars. But this is not the final figure, closer to the release it can be adjusted both higher and lower. It will depend on demand. At the same time, the company's advertising materials state that the retail price of Light Phone III will be $800.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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