The 'anti-immigrant' fence in Greece, similar to the one in Melilla, will cost 100 million more

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Greece's 'anti-immigrant' fence, similar to the one in Melilla, will cost 100 million more

The Greek Minister of Protection ;n Citizen, Takis Theodorikakos, has estimated the cost of the works toat 100 million eurosextension of a border fence with Turkey, whose works would take about 10 months to finish, as he declared this Sunday to the Skai news channel.

This money, in principle, would come from national budgets, since the EU has not yet approved the funding request for the project. n from Athens for the construction of the additional fence. It is a fence very similar to the one that Spain has in Melilla to prevent the entry of Africans.

In recent years, Athens has built a steel fence of 37.5 kilometers long and about five meters highalong the shallow parts of the border river, known as Evros in Greek and Meriç in Turkish to prevent migrants from crossing from Turkey into Greece and thus into the EU.

According to official figures, Greek border guards Last year they prevented some 256,000 immigrants from crossing this border river. At the same time, 1,300 smugglers were arrested.

Human rights organizations accuse Athens of illegally pushing people hoping for a future They are better off in Europe back to Turkey and accuse the EU of quietly tolerating these humanitarian setbacks.