The annotations came from Diego Valdés and Marlon Torres in the second half.

The annotations came from Diego Valdés and Marlon Torres in the second half.

Once Caldas drew 1-1 against América de Cali at the start of the ninth round of Colombian soccer, in the Palogrande stadium in Manizales.

In a commitment that was quite discreet in the first half, but for the final part the teams were more on the offensive side and with that came the goals.

A hard fought game

The goals came from Diego Valdés and Marlon Torres in the second half.

During the first moments of the game the ball had more presence in the middle of the field, where the visitor had more control of the game and with more intensity in the offensive game, but the shots did not have a good definition with Carlos Sierra and Deiner Quiñones.

The local tried to get out of that rival's domain and ventured on the right side, but they lacked dynamics with Santiago Mera, Marlon Piedrahita and Ayron del Valle. About the 30th minute, the Scarlets came back after a sequence of passes through the center, Juan David Pérez finished off and goalkeeper Eder Chaux sent it to the corner kick.

About the final minutes of the first half, the roles were reversed a bit with the white team recovering a bit of possession and getting closer to the goal defended by goalkeeper Joel Graterol, but without clarity in the final meters of the field.

For the complementary stage, both teams made modifications to seek more clarity in the game. Alejandro García and Diego Valdés entered the target for Santiago Mera and Ayron del Valle. In the red Brayan Vera withdrew as a precaution and Nicolas Giraldo entered.

América regained possession a little, but they still did not have clear options on the attacking front and the closest thing was the mid-distance shots that went over the goal defended by Chaux. The Eleven was once again on the lookout and what little it generated did not have a good ending.

Later in the visit, Daniel Hernández entered for Diener Quiñones, with coach Alexandre Guimaraes looking for a little more ideas in the attacking part. At minute 63, those led by Diego Corredor stepped on the area with several players, in the final meters Alejandro Artunduaga had the opportunity to finish off, he crossed it, rejected Graterol with his fists and Diego Valdés headed the rebound for 1-0 partial.

Then the two teams made substitutions again. In those of Manizales Leonardo Pico entered by Guillermo Celis. David Lemos and Alejandro Quintana entered in for Juan David Pérez and Gianfranco Peña.

About 72 minutes, América had a corner kick, Hernández executed to the heart of the area, Marlon Torres headed, hit the horizontal and the rebound went back to the defender who with the outer edge made the tie at one goal in the Palogrande .

Nine minutes later, Quintana played long with David Lemos, who advanced, finished off, saved Chaux, Hernández was left alone to finish off less than 5 meters from the goal and hit the crossbar. In the end, neither managed to score more goals and ended with a 1-1 draw.

Once Caldas' next league game will be the classic against Deportivo Pereira and América de Cali, It is against Atlético Bucaramanga for the postponed game on date 3.

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