The American edition was evaluated by testing the supersonic Tu-22M3M

The American edition of the Nation Interest has published an article about Russian bomber Tu-22M3M. Western journalists appreciated the supersonic test new military aircraft Russia.

Американское издание оценило сверхзвуковые испытания бомбардировщика Ту-22М3М

Tu-22M3M is a modernized version of the Tu-22M3. In fact, however, the plane changed 80 percent of the electronics and added a number of features, therefore, the modification order of magnitude better than its predecessor. Tu-22M3M installed a new navigation system, communications, sights, engine controls, fuel mechanisms and electronic warfare. As a result, Russian military received a powerful weapon that can destroy any target. The American newspaper also praised the supersonic test bomber. The first time the plane took off in 2018. However, if the tests were at the height of half a kilometer. From the moment the car made 18 more departures. While overcoming the supersonic Tu-22М3М3 showed excellent handling and maneuverability. In the Russian army modernized bombers will be in 2021. By the time it is planned to convert a few dozen old Tu-23М3.

American journalists noted that the new bomber is capable of carrying on Board not only the Kh-32, which is designed to destroy large objects such as enemy ships, and the latest supersonic projectile X-47. The presence of such mighty weapons, Russia will strike fear into potential enemies of the country, reports Politesse.

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