The ambassadors of Russia and Belarus were invited to the Nobel Prize ceremony

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Ambassadors of Russia and Belarus were invited to the Nobel Prize ceremony


Diplomatic representatives of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus received an invitation to participate in the banquet dedicated to the awarding of the 2023 Nobel Prize in Stockholm. Last year, they were absent from this event due to a full scale invasion. It reports Reuters.

Five of the six Nobel Prizes are awarded in Stockholm every year after a nomination process that is kept secret for the next 50 years. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo, where separate ceremonies are held.

The Nobel Foundation announced that ambassadors from all countries that have diplomatic missions in Sweden and Norway will be invited to the award ceremony in December. Last year, the foundation did not invite the ambassadors of Russia and its ally Belarus. 

The foundation noted that they sought to attract even those who do not share the values ​​of the Nobel Prize.

" It is clear that the world is increasingly divided into spheres where the dialogue between people with different views is shrinking, – said the Executive Director of the Nobel Foundation Vidar Helgesen in his statement.

"To counter this trends, we extend our invitations to celebrate and understand the Nobel Prize and the importance of free science, free culture and free, peaceful societies,” he added.

Prepared by Serhii Daga