The Al Rayyan player talked about everything, in a chat with 'El Chiringuito'. Whips everywhere.

The Al Rayyan player talked about everything, in a chat with 'El Chiringuito'. Whips everywhere.

James Rodríguez surprised this Wednesday with an exclusive interview with 'El Chiringuito'. The '10' talked about everything and nothing was left out. A conversation that shines in the midst of his difficult situation in Qatar.

James Rodríguez, with 'starting price': the millions that Al Rayyan would ask for James Rodríguez, past: he is Gabriel Coronel, future husband of Daniela Ospina < h3 class="article-subtitle" id="p698721-m1214-3-1215">James breaks his silence

The Al Rayyan player talked about everything, in a chat with 'El Chiringuito'. Vainazos everywhere.

Your future: “I don't know what's going to happen. There are options, only we are going against time. The market is already closed, I'm not sure when, but if I have to stay it will be one more year”.

Current situation: “My situation, what happens is the issue of salary. All the teams want to sign young players, I'm already 31. For the teams that sign a 31-year-old player, they are the ones who want to set all the conditions. Soccer also changed. All the teams are looking for physical players, who run more than they play, young people”.

Elimination from the World Cup: “I get up here, I see the flags and I don't see the Colombia. That hits me here in the heart.”

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Could you help more in the tie? “I was not in the Copa América and then I missed a triple date. I was in the last four games. If I had been more, suddenly I would have been able to help. game against Peru, we had them there and we ended up losing”.

Who is going to win the Ballon d'Or?“Karim (Benzema), of course.”

Who is better, Lewandowski or Benzema? (He played with both) “I put Lewandowski up front and Benzema a little further back. But I prefer Karim.

Favorite to win the Colombian League. “Millonarios has been doing things well, plays well and has a coach with a good idea.”

Would you play for Colombia again? “For now I don't have it in mind, I would like to help more as a manager.”

Would you go to the MLS?“It's a good option, not thinking about going to retire. The next World Cup will be there and they have hired young players.”

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After the interview, James wrote on Twitter:

“Thank you all for your words and love.”“#ElValencianismoWANTSJames”.

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