The Al Rayyan player is moved by his great plays. 'You can always improve,' he says.

The Al Rayyan player is moved by his great plays. 'You can always improve,' he says.

Today, the sporting future of James Rodríguez is uncertain. Although the Colombian '10' has been part of the preseason of Al Rayyan, from Qatar, it is still not certain that he will face the second half of the year with that club's jersey.

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The foreign press never tires of placing Rodríguez in different teams. There has been talk of Roma, Porto and others. However, his move to any of these clubs has not yet been defined.

Waiting to find out where James Rodríguez will end up, the talented midfielder surprised his followers with an emotional video on the that 'the James of today reacts to the James of yesterday', when he shone at Real Madrid. His reactions to him, of pride and surprise, excite his fans.

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James, in front of the mirror: 'As it was…'

< img class="aligncenter" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/al-rayyan-player-is-moved-by-his-great-plays-can-always-be-improved- assures-33640f1.jpg" alt="The Al Rayyan player is moved by his great plays. 'You can always improve,' he assures." />

In your TikTok account, James decided to react on video to a compendium of his best moments with the merengue shirt. see the great games he had with Real Madrid, a team that a few days ago included him in its list of legends.

“James Rodríguez came to Real Madrid from Monaco in the summer of 2014 after standing out with Colombia in the World Cup. A very technical player with a spectacular left-foot strike, he gave the Madrid fans incredible goals and great records as an assistant. One of His goals at the World Cup in Brazil were chosen as the Puskas Award as the best goal of 2014”, reads the Spanish club award to James.

Now, in that two-minute recording and 40 seconds, which is accompanied by the song 'As it was' ('Como fue', in Spanish), by Harry Styles, Rodríguez pointed out:

“You can always improve, just trust”< /b>.

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@jamesdrodriguez #duet with @elvendabl3 ♬ As It Was – Harry Styles

The comments from Rodríguez's followers are just as emotional as his reactions to the video.

“You'll be back to Europe”, “You're still the best”, “I wish you hadn't left”, are some of the most popular comments.

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