The airline that suffered an accident in Medellín denied Daniel Quintero

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The tragedy originated from mechanical failures in the HK5121 aircraft of the San Germán company, which impacted against seven buildings in the Belén Rosales neighborhood

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Aerolí The line that suffered an accident in Medellín denied Daniel Quintero

The eight crew members of the aircraft died in the impact against the buildings of the Belén neighborhood. Photo via: DAGRD

Around 10:15 in the morning of November 21, the aircraft HK5121 of the San Germán company left the Olaya Herrera airporttowards the municipal seat of Bajo Baudó (Chocó). When it had barely traveled a few meters, flying over the Belén Rosales neighborhood, the aircraft had engine failures. Given the situation, its pilot tried to return to the air terminal, but the aircraft crashed into seven houses, causing the death of the eight people who were traveling in it.

One ​​day after the accident, the San Germán airline shared a statement to clarify statements made by the mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero.

“In the statements given by the mayor Daniel Quintero to the media, in this case Telemedellín, there were inaccuracies in the information and we clarified that Mr. Nicolás Jiménez was not accompanied by his sentimental partner,” the company stated.

Aerolí Line that suffered an accident in Medellín denied Daniel Quintero

The following eight people died in the accident: Julián Andrés Aladino and Sergio Guevara Delgado, pilot and co-pilot of the aircraft. In the seats were Jorge Cantillo Martínez, Dubán Ovalle Quintero, Anthony Mosquera Blanquiceth, Pedro Pablo Serna, Melissa Pérez Cuadros and Nicolás Jiménez, the latter manager of the airline.

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José Rafael Ramírez, who was doing masonry work on one of the properties affected by the collision, said that moments before he had left the property and at that moment he felt the explosion.

There I felt fear. I heard the explosion and ran out. In other words, the plane fell into the house where I was working, “he told local media.

For his part, Jorge Duarte Guzmán, manager of the Olaya Herrera airport, explained that air traffic control set off the alarms on time, despite the fact that the emergency was reported outside the terminal facilities because the plane was already in motion. . However, the operational radars managed to reach the Belén Rosales neighborhood.

This was reported to the media:

“Immediately, the entire airport emergency system is informed. Mainly, to our airport operations coordination center, which is something similar to 123 in a city. At that moment, all the attention to the emergency was deployed and, as it was outside, our aeronautical firefighters went out to attend to it.”

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The Disaster Risk Management Administrative Department (DAGRD) He called it a miracle that the home that received the biggest bang had no occupants. Minutes before, the owner went out into the street to carry out some errands.

For the recovery of the eight corpses, whose work was carried out jointly by the Aerocivil and the CTI of the Prosecutor's Office, it was necessary to reinforce the structure of one of the houses against which the aircraft impacted, said the director of Dagrd, Laura Duarte, who added that after putting out the flames, 12 remained units of the firefighters, who were in charge of supporting the judicial investigators to recover the bodies of the victims.

After finishing the urgent work with the victims, four of the properties against the that impacted the aircraft were evacuated until they are inspected to establish whether they can be habitable, “as happened with one of them, which is held in place with iron rods”, said Duarte.