The actor Andrés Sandoval, from 'La reina del flow', says that they want to put him in prison with gossip and “dirty”

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The artist from Antioquia assured that due to baseless comments and serious accusations, his personal and professional life have been affected

The actor Andrés Sandoval, from ‘La reina del flow’, says that they want to put him in prison with gossip and “dirty”

The actor Andrés Sandoval denounced that they want to put him in prison. Photo: Instagram @andresando

The name Andrés Sandoval is one of the most recognized in Colombia, among other things, for being part of successful productions such as Rosario scissors, The queen of flow and 3 Miracles ; as well as for being the winner of a TV y Novelas Award as a result of his leading role in the novel Armored hearts.

However, lately, far from the recognition that his work on national television generates, the Antioquian It has been in the news due to a delicate complaint that he made in an interview with 'I know everything', an entertainment program on Channel 1.

According to what was stated by the 40-year-old man years, has had serious problems due to serious accusationsagainst him that, according to what he says, have no foundation and seek to affect his personal and work life. He even says that they want to put him in jail.

“A group of people are, at any rate, buying judges, manipulating information and, excuse the expression, doing countless dirty things . These people even decided to say that I am working in money laundering and defrauding,” Andrés Sandoval stated at the beginning.

The actor Andrés Sandoval, from ‘La reina del flow’, says that they want to put him in prison for gossip and “dirty”

Colombian actor Andrés Sandoval confesses that love saved his life after spending a period of drug addiction.

In his account, the paisa mentioned that he has been going through these difficulties for a long time and, despite the greater recognition and public exposure he has, he had wanted to remain silent to avoid problems of a greater magnitude.

In addition, he gave the reasons why he believes that he has been a victim of this thorny situation and, apparently, he is clear about who is in charge of founding these rumors.

“It is a very long process, many years of gossip, slander and insults (…) They are doing it all out of jealousy, envy, anger and a number of other things. Unfortunately, due to the success of some, there are others who feel bad and seek to attack because, perhaps, they want something of that that they have not been able to reap. Thank God I have people in my favor who support me, they know the reality, who I am and also that, if at any time I had a wrong stage, that was 10 years ago. Today I am a father, a professional, and I have had to distance myself from people who were close to me because they are doing this reputational damage behind my back,” added Andrés Sandoval.

The actor Andrés Sandoval, from ‘La reina del flow’, says that they want to put him in prison with gossip and “dirty”

Photo: Instagram @andresando

Lastly, the actor made it clear that, due to the above, he had to initiate a legal process in order to prove his innocence. However, there are several doors that have been closed to him in his career.

“A very important control entity in the country gave me the peace of mind that they know that I am not doing what others say I'm doing. God willing, soon the specific names of each of the people and the evidence against those who want to harm me will come to light, so that the law or whatever falls on them with all the weight (.. .) These bad people have kept me from being able to care for my children with the support that I should and for which I have always characterized myself as providing, so unfortunately because of the people who believe these gossips, my children and I have been affected.” , he concluded.