The action of the movie “Avatar 4” will be transferred from Pandora to Earth

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Avatar 4 will take you from Pandora to Earth

Photo: 20th Century Studios

Producer Jon Landau said that the action of the fourth part of the film “Avatar” directed by  James Cameron will be transferred from the homeland of aliens to'vi to Earth. This was reported by  SyFy.

According to him, the film will show how overpopulation of the Earth and the depletion of natural resources complicate people's lives.

Landau noted that the creators would not like to show a gloomy picture of which direction the Earth is moving, because the film will be about how people can "change their course".

The publication notes that at the moment the release of the fourth part of “Avatar” ; expected on December 18, 2026.

Earlier it became known that the film “Avatar: The Way of the Water” by James Cameron collected $ 1.922 billion at the box office, overtaking the film “Spider-Man: No way home.” Cameron's blockbuster also took sixth place in the rating of the highest grossing films in history.

Experts predict that the box office “Avatar 2” will overcome the $2 billion mark next weekend, and the tape will outstrip Avengers: Infinity War, which collected $2.048 billion.

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