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The Acolyte: the showrunner tells us about the series, and a possible season 2

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul3,2024

Leslye Headland, showrunner on the series The Acolyte, recently held an interview in which she revealed some plans for the continuation of the Star Wars series. She also returned to last week's episode.

The Acolyte: the showrunner tells us about the series, and a possible season 2

The acolyte: the plans must have been very different

Last week, fans discovered the identity of of the terrible antagonist of the series The Acolyte. Through a muscular, murderous and drunken episode action, spectators had a revelation. This new Sith, nicknamed The Stranger, is in reality Qimir,the shy walker who helped Mae in previous episodes of the series.

The Acolyte: the showrunner tells us about the series, and a possible season 2

During an interview with Inverse, Leslye Headland, showrunner of the series The Acolyte, revealed that the initial plans were very different. She explained that’à Basically, this new Sith was only supposed to appear at the start of season 2. Ultimately, she preferred reveal the identity of of this new villain in the middle of this first season. A statement which in any case confirms that Lucasfilm has plans for a second season of The Acolyte:

Originally, and even until filming, The Stranger appeared very little in this season. He was supposed to be much more important in the second season arc. But I saw a screen test of Manny Jacinto very early in pre-production. And I told myself that if I didn't use it, there would be riots in the streets. Here we are.

Leslye Headland talks about the future of the series

Leslye Headland was also cast in asked about the use of Cortose, a new metal capable of deactivating lightsabersfor a short time. In last week’s episode, Qimir uses his Cortose helmet and gauntlet to disable his opponents' weapons. Cortose was initially introduced into the Star Wars Legends  universe:

It’s very important that this metal is breakable, that’ ;it's not super hard. This is why Jecki can take off his helmet so quickly. It’s a little breakable. It is also a metal with limited resources. This is why Qimir does not have a whole armor made of Cortose.

The journalists of Inversethen asked &àgrave; Leslye Headland whyKylo Ren's theme is heard at home the end of episode 5. The producer then explained: that:

Ah, I wish I could tell you more. He is there on purpose, but I can't tell you why. I don't want to get into the nitty-gritty of this. But you will see. All points will start soon. connect.

As is often the case in an extended universe, connections arise here and there. Often, these easter eggs are used later. Obviously, this soundtrack is not a coincidence, and The Acolyte has a link with Kylo Ren.

The Acolyte: the showrunner tells us about the series, and a possible season 2

Finally, Leslye Headland has finished her work. his interview teasing the next episodes of the series:

Connections begin at the end of the day. stretch, especially after episode 6. There's more action in episodes 7 and 8, more lightsabers, more lights. There is something different in the second part of the season. It’s darker. And it's more and more emotional. In this second half, all the pieces are in place on the board.

Episode 6 of The Acolyte was released this Wednesday July 3. There are still two episodes left. The last chapter of this season 1 will be broadcast July 17. We can't wait to see this conclusion, which will perhaps open its plot to a second season.  

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