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The Acolyte episode 6: we explain the enigmatic ending of this week's episode

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul4,2024

We're going to talk about the end of episode 6 of The Acolyte. Obviously, we do not recommend doing this. Those who have not yet seen this week's chapter should continue this article otherwise there will be spoilers. We explain to you what we thought about it. of this conclusion and its impact for the future. Are you still there? So here we go!

The Acolyte éepisode 6: we explains the enigmatic ending of this week's episode

The Acolyte: end of episode 6

Title Teach/Corrupt, this sixth chapter sets up the dichotomy between Mae and Osha, the two twin sisters of the series. Remember, at the end of episode 5, the two sisters trade places. Mae leaves with Master Sol while Qimir takes Osha under his wing.

The Acolyte episode 6: we explain the enigmatic end of the episode this week

Obviously, Teach/Corruptdepicts the opposition between the two characters. Mae was raised by the dark side of the Force, while Osha was taught the Jedi arts. However, Mae is not really a Sith, and Osha has not completed her training. The two sisters have therefore not fully accomplished their preparation. Teaching/Corrupting therefore addresses their attraction to the other side of the Force. Notably Osha, who, after a few moments of distrust, seems to be interested in the psalms of the young Sith. For her part, Mae wants to assassinate Sol, before changing her mind, thanks to the influence and wisdom of the Jedi. Until’à until Sol understands the deception and incapacitates Mae.

A conclusion loaded with meaning

Finally, Teach/Corrupt is a fairly classic episode. Leslye Headland depicts attraction and perversion on the side of women. dark on pure souls. Like Darth Vader withLuke, PalpatinewithAnakin, Darth MaulwithEzra, Qimir seeks to attract Osha to the side darkness of the Force. A classic dynamic in the Star Wars universe. A practically inevitable commonplace which takes on its full meaning here. But remains to be seen; know if Osha will break down or not. Generally, our brave Jedi and Padawan stay on the good side of the world. of the line. Well, except for Anakin. However, the conclusion of this episode 6 seems take the series in another direction.

At the very end of the episode, Osha decides to put on Qimir's helmet. Strangely, she seems quite peaceful and serene under the dark helmet of the Sith. Her breathing calms down, and the former Padawan seems to obtain a certain inner peace. Obviously this breathing necessarily reminds us of the famous Darth Vader.

The Acolyte episode 6: we explain the enigmatic end of the episode this week

With this process, Qimir wants to have an apprentice, and thus develop the rule of two. Perhaps Qimir will be the first to go put in place this universal rule: the Sith always go in pairs. A Master and his apprentice. Now that Osha has put on the helmet,she is ready to go. one more step to definitively replace his sister.

What if the last episodes of the series surprised us a little? What if Osha really turned to the right side? Dark of the Force, and that Mae was trying her hand at the Jedi arts? The Acolyte would therefore make it possible to stage a total inversion of its protagonists. Never seen before.

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