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The Acolyte episode 5: the 10 best easter eggs

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun26,2024

Episode 5 of The Acolyte was released this Wednesday, June 26 on Disney+. A new chapter, more muscular; than the previous ones, which reveals to us the identity of of the big bad guy of the series. A new episode packed with action in which Sol must surpass himself to protect his team from the power of this new antagonist. As usual, this episode 5 is jam-packed. easter eggs. Here are 10 references that should not be missed.

The Acolyte éepisode 5: the 10 best easter eggs

Kelnacca's lightsaber

The Acolyte éepisode 5: the 10 best easter eggs

While the Jedi are grappling with this new Sith, Mae rushes into the house of the Wookie Kelnacca,and grabs his lightsaber. The opportunity to see your weapon in more detail. The weapon is too big for Mae, but it nevertheless allows her to gain the advantage for a few seconds over the Sith.

The metal Cortosis

The Acolyte éepisode 5: the 10 best easter eggs

This episode 5 is above all an opportunity to highlight the villain of the story. We learn more about this mysterious Sith, who reveals himself to the world. face uncovered. But before seeing his face, our antagonist revealed his the powers of his strange helmet. Composed of a metal called Cortosis,this Sith's helmet has very special abilities. Indeed, his helmet and his gauntlet resist the Jedi's lightsabers, a little to the way of Beskar. But in addition to the Mandalorians' metal, Cortosis temporarily deactivates lightsabers. In addition to this, the Sith helmet allows him to resist psychic attacks from the Jedi. Like Magneto's helmet, it retains the original character. spirit of its bearer warm, far from the manipulations of the Jedi.

A new lightsaber

Clearly, this Sith has done some damage in this episode 5. He assassinates several Jedi in single combat. In fact, only Sol comes out ahead against the odds. the power of this antagonist. It must be said that Mae's master has a very special lightsaber. Indeed, his saber is capable of splitting in two. The saber then becomes two small swords. A feature practical in close combat. The proof, since Kestis paid for it. fees.

Identity of the Sith

We finally learn that the Sith is in fact Qimir, the trader who helps Mae in her missions. Like most Sith, like Palpatine, Qimir is therefore playing a double game, both in his own right and in his own hands. both a somewhat shy trader and a true destroyer of Jedi. A double identity that we didn’t see coming.

She was just a child

The Acolyte éepisode 5: the 10 best easter eggs

After Jecki's death, Sol said to Qimir “she was just a child”. This àgrave; to which the Sith responds “but it was you who brought her here”. A retort loaded with meaning which sometimes recalls the questionable methods of the Jedi. The latter have no limits regarding the use of children and Padawan.They take them on dangerous and even deadly missions, as Jecki's death proves. A criticism which becomes even more legitimate during the Clone Wars, a real genocide for the Padawan.

A movement recovered from by Anakin

The Acolyte éepisode 5: the 10 best easter eggs

Seizing Mae, Qimir places his lightsaber at the level of his apprentice's temple. She threatens to assassinate him if Sol does not lay down his weapons. This violent gesture has already been Summer seen in the Star Wars canon. Indeed, Anakin uses the same technique in the prelogy. Likewise, Kylo Ren also uses this method in The Last Jedi. Maybe they took this technique from Qimir.


The Acolyte éepisode 5: the 10 best easter eggs

Qimir confirms that Master Sol that he is a Sith.However, he claims that he does not have a name. This perhaps implies that Qimir is not a true Sith Lord, but simply an individual attracted to the Sith Lord. by the power of the Sith.


The Acolyte éepisode 5: the 10 best easter eggs

At the end of the episode, Mae, disguised as Ocha, and Sol, cross several environments to leave the planet Khofar. On their way to their ship, they pass by two aliens who are playing a low-tech version of Dejarik. Remember, Dejarik is a cult game, which we first see in A New Hope, aboard the Millennium Falcon.

The healing power

The Acolyte episode 5: the 10 best easter eggs

At the end of the episode, Qimir uses the Force to heal Osha's wound. A method that we had only seen in the postlogy. Indeed, Baby Yoda and Rey use this method. An amazing power, which was initially thought to be reserved for the light side of the Force. But it must be believed that Qimir also has this ability. healing.

Kylo Ren's musical theme

The Acolyte episode 5: the 10 best easter eggs

When Qimir heals Osha's wound, the best ears will have recognized Kylo Ren's musical theme. Perhaps this is a hint that Osha and Mae will likely create a Force dyad, much like Rey and Kylo Ren in the postlogy.

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