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The Acolyte: 5 questions that remain unanswered after episode 5

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun29,2024

This Wednesday, episode 5 of The Acolyte was released on Disney+. A fifth chapter entitled; Nightand which ultimately revealed identity of the Sith of the series. If you have not yet seen the episode in question, we advise you to stop reading the article because we are going to share the identity of the episode. of the Sith. Are you still there? So here we go. We have all been We were shocked when we discovered that the antagonist of the series was ultimately Qimir, the merchant who helped Mae. Yet, despite Despite this revelation, there are still many questions that remain unanswered. Here are 5 questions that we still ask ourselves after watching this episode 5:

The Acolyte: 5 questions left without response after episode 5

How does Qimir know Sol?

The Acolyte: 5 questions that remain unanswered after episode 5

When Qimir removes his helmet and reveals his identity, Master Sol recognizes the merchant. However, during their discussion, Qimir reveals that he knows Master Sol well, without giving any explanation. How is it that Qimir knows the Jedi? It seems that the young Sith has a grudge against the venerable Jedi. Sol also feels something familiar about the Sith. So there is a good chance that the two men have crossed paths in their past. It is even possible that the Sith was present the night the Sith died. Ocha and Mae have lost their home. It is even highly probable that Qimir saved his life. Mae of certain death.

Why doesn't this Sith Lord have a name?

The Acolyte: 5 questions that remain unanswered after episode 5

If he calls himself Qimir, this new Sith Lord has no real name. strictly speaking. He definitely doesn't have a Sith name. Darth Sidious, Darth Vader, Darth Tyranus, all Sith like to take a nickname that smacks. However, Qimir currently has none. Why? Perhaps because this new Sith has never had a Master. Often the Sith take on a stage name once they have finished performing. their training. But maybe Qimir doesn't have a Master, which would explain why he doesn't have any nickname.

Is Qimir really a Sith?

The Acolyte: 5 questions that remain unanswered after episode 5

Some Force users are neither Jedi nor Sith. Some individuals are attracted to the side of life. dark forces of the Force but are not related to it. &àgrave; of the Sith. This is for example the case of the Inquisitors.So Qimir may not really be a Sith, but perhaps just a Force user on the Sith side. dark. When Sol asks Qimir what it is, the latter answers “Jedi like you can call me Sith”. Without further details. This does not confirm that Qimir is actually a Sith. This suggests that Qimir is not descended from the Sith lineage of Dark Bane. After all, characters like Snoke, Kylo Ren or Asajj Ventress aren't Sith either…

Who is the master of qimir?

The Acolyte: 5 questions that remain unanswered after episode 5

Does Qimir have a Master? This is certainly the most important question on this list. Does young Qimir work solo? Does he have to be held accountable? a superior? And if so, which one? If Qimir is truly a Sith Lord, he must logically have a Master somewhere. By all logic, his Master would be Darth Tenebrous, the Sith who trained the Sith. Darth Plagueis and Palpatine. In the Legends timeline, Dark Tenebrous formed another Sith apprentice if Darth Plagueis ever fails. If The Acolyte follows the Legends canon, it could be that this second apprentice is Qimir.

Will Ocha move to the side? obscure?

The Acolyte: 5 questions that remain unanswered after episode 5

At the end of episode 5 of The Acolyte, Mae and Ocha trade places. Mae pretends to be her twin sister and decides to continue her journey with Master Sol, without the latter being (visibly) aware of it. What is its purpose? What is his plan? Difficult to do say. On the other hand, it is Qimir who finds Ocha, and heals her of her wounds. It is also difficult to know if Qimir is aware that the two sisters have exchanged each other. their places. Will Ocha be trained? by Qimir? Will Mae move to the good side? of the Force? Difficult to do say. Answers in the next episodes!

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