The ACD regrets the death of Comarazamy

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  • The ACD regrets the death of Comarazamy

    Roosevelt Comarazamy, master of sports writing.

The Association of Sports Chroniclers of Santo Domingo (ACD), expressed its support. He expressed his regret at the death of his former president and immortal of Dominican sports, Dr. Roosevelt Comarazamy Medina.

“Not only an excellent human being who knew how to win the affection of We lose all of them, but we lose one of the greatest exponents of the sports chronicle, considered by many the most complete sports chronicler the country has ever had,” said the statement from the Acedeista Board of Directors. .

Comarazamy shone brightly. He worked in the written press, radio and television becoming a primary figure as a narrator for baseball, basketball and other sports. For many years he was linked to world volleyball as an important member of the national federation and international body.

A lawyer by profession, graduated with honors, Comarazamy, left the field. After his university career he became a worthy exponent of specialized sports journalism, being a professor at the Universidad Central del Este.

& quot;His work within sports journalism gave him led & oacute; “He was recognized until the immortality of Dominican sports in the exaltation of 2019. He was also recognized by Aips América with the Abelardo Raidi award in the 2019 edition,” the note highlights.

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