The accounts chamber of the USA: the Cost of the F-35 is going through the roof

The accounts chamber of the USA called the amount of expenses for development of the F-35. According to authorities, the total estimated cost of the development of advanced aircraft has increased to 408 billion dollars.

Счетная палата США: Расходы на истребитель F-35 зашкаливают

According to GAO, for the period 2018-2019 total expenditures associated with the construction of the aircraft increased by 22 billion dollars, whereas previously they amounted to 406 billion dollars. The administration of Donald trump has reviewed its expenses in connection with the pandemic CoVID-19. In the course of an indicative analysis of the budget expenditures was determined by the amount allocated to the development of new types of weapons. In the Main budgetary-control management of the USA has come to believe that it is time to abandon the useless and counter-productive expenditures, causing a significant burden for taxpayers 1-2 generations. The analysis of the effectiveness of the program to create a multipurpose fighter F-35 some conclusions.

Indicates incorrect attempt to focus in the same plane as the latest advances, including stealth technology and the capability of vertical takeoff. According to authorities, the F-35 program will cost the US budget more than 1.6 trillion dollars.

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