The 92nd brigade took off 20 generators named after Oleg Krot and “Technical Fundamentals”

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The 92nd brigade took 20 generators from Oleg Krot and "Technical Foundation"

"Technology Foundation" and director Oleg Krot supplied 20 diesel generators for 92 Specialized Motorized Rifle Brigade named after the Kosh Otaman Ivan Sirk. Tsya brigade became one of the key brigade in the army of the Kharkiv region in the form of occupiers. Varity of purchase – over 2 million UAH.

Diesel generators of the German company Konner & Sohnen power of 7.5 kW of leather will be supplemented by the support of 92 OMBR on the front line. Їх varity – 52.8 thousand EURO, so over 2 million UAH at the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine, please visit the website of the Fundatsia Technique. shut up.

“A few days ago, the generators arrived like a picker before us to the brigade. We were split up between them as faggots, they most demanded access to life, and they already sent them to the front line, – rozpovidaє Leonid Maslov, commander of the division, responsible for the delivery.

92nd brigade became one of the key brigade in the army of the Kharkiv region in the form of occupiers. Even on the cob of a large-scale invasion, the brigades of the brigade, together with other infantry, started the enemy to push through to Kharkov. At Versni, the stench reached a large-scale counter-offensive operation to de-occupy the Kharkiv region. Zokrema, the warriors of the 92nd brigade hoisted the ensign of Ukraine over the city of fortified Kupʼyansk. And not long ago, the brigades were raised and helped to build up a village in the Luhansk region. handed over 30 cars, 1000 filters for drivers and 7 unmanned vehicles to ZSU pilots. The amount of help for the organization has surpassed the $21.5 million mark. This is a key partner of the TECHIIA holding, having added $40 million for the necessary speeches on May.

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