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The 80 Best Chuck Norris Jokes – Hitek

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

The essential actor Chuck Norris is here; honor today in this article. Our dear Walker is a true Internet star, even a God, as proven by the famous Chuck Norris Facts which abound on the web, and to pay tribute to him,we are going to rediscover together the best Chuck Norrisjokes. And I might as well tell you that there is a very wide range, from the most unusual to the most unusual. from the funniest to the heaviest. It seems that actor Chuck Norris is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Internet comedians. 

The 80 best jokes about Chuck Norris - Hitek


A character known throughout the world, primarily because he is an actor, Chuck Norris is an icon for entire generations. If there is a badass guy on earth it's dear Chuck. He is a martial arts ace, a legendary cowboy, a charismatic actor, but above all one of the great lords of the entire internet.He has become a character who represents the pinnacle of the big brute. He was hijacked many times, especially with the legendary jokes, the famous Chuck Norris Facts. What better way to pay tribute to this legend only by selecting the best jokes gleaned from the Internet about Chuck Norris. 

The 80 best jokes about Chuck Norris 

We decided to to prepare for you a small compilation of the best jokes about the actor Chuck Norris. There is something for everyone with puns, improbable situations, dirty jokes, enough to have a good time. On the other hand, let it be very clear, At no time would we dare make fun of Chuck Norris. There's no question of getting into trouble with one of the most iconic men on the Internet, and what's more, a world-renowned Ranger. So Ok these are jokes about Chuck Norris, but no laughing! We remind you that the actor killedé enemies to the shovel in his films and series. 

#1 Superman VS Chuck Norris

The 80 best jokes about Chuck Norris - Hitek

Some people wear Superman pajamas. Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas. 

#2 Water VS Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris doesn't get wet, it's water that gets Chuck Norris.

#3 Jesus VS Chuck Norris

The 80 best jokes about Chuck Norris - Hitek

Jesus Christ was born. in 1940 before Chuck Norris.

#4 Google VS Chuck Norris

When Google can't find something, it asks someone to find something. Chuck Norris. 

#5 Windows VS Chuck Norris

When Chuck Norris uses Windows, it does not crash.

#6 Diam's VS Chuck Norris 

Chuck Norris can listen to a complete Diam's CD. ÇIt also works with Tragédie. 

#7 Mickael Jackson VS Chuck Norris

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That's when Mickael Jackson crossed paths with Chuck Norris that he has turned white.

#8 The trash VS Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris can delete the trash.

#9 Spam VS Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris receives spam messages offering to reduce the size of his penis.

#10 The Earth VS Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris does not live on Earth, the Earth lives under Chuck Norris.

#11 A mosquito VS Chuck Norris

The 80 best jokes about Chuck Norris - Hitek

When a mosquito bites Chuck Norris, it's the mosquito that scratches.

#12 Division VS Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris can divide by zero.

#13 Infinity VS Chuck Norris

The 80 best jokes about Chuck Norris - Hitek

Chuck Norris already has counted until infinity. Twice.

#14 The Code VS Chuck Norris

The 80 best jokes about Chuck Norris - Hitek

Chuck Norris knows how to code in binary with only 0s.

< h2>#15 The Wall of Sound VS Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris can hit the wall of sound.

#16 The Empire VS Chuck Norris 

The 80 best jokes about Chuck Norris - Hitek

If Chuck Norris attacks the Empire, the Empire does not counterattack.

#17 Mr Clean VS Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris cleans Mr Clean.

#18 Google VS Chuck Norris V2

Google, it's the only place where you can type Chuck Norris…

#19 Speed ​​cameras VS Chuck Norris

The 80 best jokes about Chuck Norris - Hitek

Chuck Norris is against speed cameras: çhas it ;dazzles when he rides a bike. 

#20 Suppositories VS Chuck Norris 

The 80 Best Chuck Norris Jokes - Hitek

Chuck Norris n Don't use a suppository. The ways of the lord are inscrutable.

#21 Carambars VS Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris eats the wrappers of the carambars. We don't joke with Chuck Norris.

#22 Olive and Tom VS Chuck Norris

The 80 best jokes about Chuck Norris - Hitek

Chuck Norris can walk up the football field in Olive and Tom in less than an episode.

#23 Mario VS Chuck Norris

The 80 Best Chuck Norris Jokes - Hitek

Chuck Norris has Complete Super Mario Bros without skipping once. 

#24 The Answering Machine VS Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is able to leave a message on an answering machine before beep sound.

#25 Yoda VS Chuck Norris

The 80 best jokes about Chuck Norris - Hitek

Master Yoda has lost his life the day he died he called Chuck Norris “Norris Chuck”.

#26 The VS Chuck Norris package

Chuck Norris has finished his unlimited package.

#27 The special effects cials VS Chuck Norris

The 80 best jokes about Chuck Norris - Hitek

A Bruce Lee film shows Chuck Norris being beaten by Bruce Lee. It's there the most expensive special effect in the history of cinema.

#28 Pokemon VS Chuck Norris

The 80 best jokes about Chuck Norris - Hitek

Chuck Norris finished Pokemon without ANY pokemon . Chuck Norris doesn't need anyone.

#29 The stairs VS Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris can go downstairs. Note that he can also go down to the top if he wishes. 

#30 The Power Rangers VS Chuck Norris

The 80 best jokes about Chuck Norris - Hitek

One day, the Power Rangers met Chuck Norris. Now we call them the Teletubbies.

#31 Chuck Norris vs his shadow

Chuck Norris killed his shadow one day. For what ? Because we don't follow Chuck Norris. 

#32 Chuck Norris vs Russian Roulette

One day, Chuck Norris played &àgrave; Russian roulette with a loaded gun to the maximum and he won. 

#33 Chuck Norris vs multiplications 

Chuck Norris x 0 = Chuck Norris. Yes, Chuck Norris is never equal to 0. 

#34 Chuck norris vs hulk 

The 80 Best Chuck Norris Jokes - Hitek

When Bruce Banner gets angry, he transforms into the Hulk. And when Hulk gets angry he transforms… into Chuck Norris of course. 

#35 chuck norris vs hide and seek 

Chuck Norris has already beat the invisible man at the game of hide and seek.

#36 chuck norris vs Alzheimer's disease

People with Alzheimer's disease don't remember anything except Chuck Norris. 

#37 Chuck Norris vs Voldemort 

One day Chuck Norris met Voldemort, they played &àgrave; “I stole your nose”. Chuck Norris won. A joke come out again all fans of Harry Potter

#38 Chuck Norris vs the vouvoiement 

If you don't want Chuck Norris, then he'll kill you. 

#39 Chuck Norris vs. The Red Cross 

Chuck Norris regularly donates blood to ; The Red Cross, but it's never his. 

#40 Chuck Norris vs the Swiss 

The Swiss are not neutral, in reality they are just waiting to find out which side is on the receiving end. Chuck Norris will position himself. 

#41 Chuck Norris vs. the wind 

When Chuck Norris pisses in the wind, it's the wind that changes direction. 

#42 Chuck Norris vs Mars 

Chuck Norris is already in trouble. went on the planet Mars, this is also why there is no trace of life on this planet. 

#43 The only thing that happens &àgrave; Chuck Norris's ankle is his sock

That's high-level Chuck Norris Facts. 

#44 Chuck Norris vs Charlie 

The 80 best jokes about Chuck Norris - Hitek

It's to escape Chuck Norris that Charlie has been hiding for so many years in his books. 

#45 Chuck Norris vs god 

God wanted to create the universe in 12 days, but Chuck Norris didn't give him any time. than 6. 

#46 Chuck Norris vs spelling 

When Chuck Norris misspells a dictionary word, it is the dictionaries that change the spelling of that word. 

#47 Chuck Norris can make a bad time go by. someone in just 2 minutes 

Chuck Norris, an actor who even masters time. 

#48 Chuck Norris vs geometry < /h2>

Chuck Norris can draw circles with a square.

#49 Chuck Norris vs MacGyver

In Chuck Norris' Swiss army knife, there is a MacGyver accessory. 

#50 Chuck Norris vs the Latin 

< p>Chuck Norris has already had a 0 in Latin, since that day, Latin is a dead language. 

#51 Chuck Norris vs time 

When Chuck Norris risks being late, it's the time that starts at agrave; slow down and not Chuck Norris who is hurrying. 

#52 chuck norris vs darth vader

The 80 best jokes about Chuck Norris - Hitek

Chuck Norris faced Darth Vader one day. Since that day, Darth Vader has had asthma. 

#53 Chuck Norris knows where he is. is therefore Ornicar

He is whereù so? 

#54 Chuck Norris vs the blind men 

Chuck Norris is fluent in Braille. 

#55 Chuck Norris vs Facebook 

When Chuck Norris sends an invitation on Facebook, the “Ignore” button does not appear.  

#56 Chuck Norris vs Jesus 

Jesus walked on water once, but Chuck Norris walked on Jesus. 

#57 Chuck Norris measures his pulse on the Richter scale

And he is at 10 on that scale, obviously. 

#58 Chuck Norris vs global warming

Global warming does not exist, it just happens that Chuck Norris is sometimes a little cold and he decides to bring the sun closer to the Earth, just with the force of his thought. 

#59 chuck norris vs cancer  

A tear from Chuck Norris can cure cancer, but unfortunately Chuck Norris never cries. 

#60 Chuck Norris vs bill gates

Windows never asks Chuck Norris to send an error report, Bill Gates himself comes to collect it from Chuck Norris, apologizing for the inconvenience. 

#61 Chuck Norris vs Nokia 3310

Chuck Norris has already broken a Nokia 3310 in two. And with his hands too. 

#62 chuck norris vs email address

Chuck Norris' email address is

#63 Chuck Norris vs. a snake

One day Chuck Norris was bitten by a poisonous snake. After 5 days of unbearable suffering, the snake died. 

#64 chuck norris vs mathematics 

Chuck Norris has his own theorem of mathematics: a fist is the intersection of two lines in the mouth. 

#65 Chuck norris vs Pi

Chuck Norris knows the last decimal place of IP. The ultimate Chuck Norris Fact! 

#66 chuck norris vs a horse 

One day Chuck Norris uppercut horse. Since that day, this animal has been called a giraffe. 

#67 chuck norris vs spiderman 

The 80 best jokes about Chuck Norris - Hitek

When Spider-Man meets Chuck Norris in the street, he weaves on him. 

#68 chuck norris vs the red sea 

One day, Chuck Norris dove into the water. in the Red Sea. Moses took advantage of this #69 Chuck Norris vs Jean-Claude Van Damme For his part, Chuck Norris breaks Jean-Claude Van Damme between his buttocks. 

#70 chuck norris vs casanova 

Casanova said having made love with 20,000 women throughout his life. Upon hearing this statement, Chuck Norris said: : “A little Tuesday what…”. 

#71 chuck norris vs the theory of evolution 

The theory of Evolution does not exist, there is just a list of some animals that Chuck Norris allows to evolve. survive. 

#72 chuck norris vs Burger King 

Chuck Norris already has successfully completed order a Big Mac at Burger King. 

#73 Chuck Norris vs the Bogeyman 

When the Bogeyman goes to bed, he first checks to see if Chuck Norris is not under his bed.

#74 chuck norris vs jurassic park  

In the filmJurassic Park, it's not the T-Rex who is chasing the Jeep. In reality, it's Chuck Norris who chases the T-Rex and the Jeep.  

#75 chuck norris vs the thieves 

Chuck Norris has an alarm at his house, but it's not to warn him that there are thieves. It's to prevent thieves, that they are at Chuck Norris's house. 

#76 chuck norris vs Star Wars 

What role did Chuck Norris play ; in Star Wars? The Force of course. 

#77 chuck norris vs food 

Chuck Norris doesn't eat, it's the foods that Norris eats. 

< h2>#78 Chuck Norris vs Christopher Nolan

Chuck Norris understood the movieInception (also works with Tenet).

#79 chuck norris vs power 4

Chuck Norris can win a game of Power 4 in just 3 moves. 

#80 chuck norris vs David guetta 

Hello David Guetta? It's Chuck Norris! I have a quick question, what do you mean by “The World is mine?”.  

Here you are! for these 80 best jokes about TV star Chuck Norris. We could have added many more, but we'll let you share your favorites in the comments. Happy birthday again Chuck! Finally, if we can allow ourselves to wish a happy birthday to you; Mr. Chuck Norris without the risk of losing his face in the next minute. Out of the question of becoming an enemy of Chuck. After the best jokes and the best Facts, we're preparing something new for you on Chuck Norris soon.

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