The 5 football games for mobile phones, Qatar 2022 World Cup style

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Players will be able to put themselves in the shoes of coaches, presidents and even footballer representatives

The 5 mobile games about soccer, in the style of the World Cup Qatar 2022

Mobile games about soccer

A few days before the start of the World Cup in Qatar, fans of the teams that will compete in the tournament organized by FIFA can enjoy a series of games on their smartphones, either to take the place of team coaches from different leagues or from the representative of soccer players around the world.

On Google Play Store s< /b>You can find several of them in their free versions and some that are paid.

These are some optionsmobile games that are available on the Google Play store for Android.

Football Manager 2023

Available in its only paid version, this mobile game has the particularity of having licenses not only from professional leagues such as the Bundesliga in Germany, Premier League in England or the Serie A of Italy, but has access to names of clubs and real players from lower divisions.

The 5 football games for mobile phones, Qatar 2022 World Cup style

Football Manager 2023

If they wish, users will be able to lead teams from the fifth division of England and get to compete in the Champions League or take on the challenge of rebuilding a team that hasn't won titles for years. Also, they can completely change the playing style of the teams, carry out conversations with the players and motivate them for the next match.

In Career mode, The players will have a total of 30 seasons to be coaches of one or several teams in different confederations, in addition to being able to manage national teams and compete in international tournaments and cups world cups, including Qatar.

FIFA World Cup (FIFA Mobile)

This is the mobile version of the FIFA game franchise available on consoles such as Play Station and Xbox, although it has a different dynamic than the full game. On the smartphone platform, the concept of cards and packs is still used to improve the team, but the games do not allow you to control it completely.

The 5 soccer games for mobile phones, Qatar 2022 World Cup style

FIFA Mobile players can now simulate the World Cup on their smartphones. (FIFA Mobile)

Multiplayer matches show a limited number of scoring chances for the other player to defend. The number of opportunities and their difficulty will be defined by the valuation of the squad that is managed, so a team of a good level will have more opportunities to goal than the opponent.

In the World Cup game mode, players will be able to choose to control one of the 32 teams that will compete officially in the tournament. The simulation will start with the group stage until the final stages of the championship.

Top Eleven

Unlike fromFIFA Mobile, this game is aimed more at the manager experience of a soccer team, although it has more varied customization options due to the fact that it does not have official licenses. Users will have to create their own team with a name, colors, crest, jersey and even fictitious players.

The 5 soccer games for mobile phones, Qatar 2022 World Cup style

Top Eleven 2023

The user will see his team play during the matches and will have the option to set changes to the strategy, line-up and players outfield. In addition, you will have the option to improve team facilities and enter player auctions with other users in real time.

Unlike other games,< b> Top Eleven has a limited number of games that can be played per day as their seasons are simultaneous with other players in real time. At the end of each one, the teams can move up to a division, stay or be relegated to a lower one.

Dream League Soccer

Unifies the idea of the rises and falls of Top Elevenand combines it with real players and the ability to control the team during matches. In addition, it is possible to level up each member of the squad to improve the team's performance.

The 5 games for the cell phone about soccer, in the Qatar 2022 World Cup style< /p>Dream League Soccer 2022

The players will have to create their own team with a name of their choice and a personalized crest. The game allows the selection of a captain in the first season, who is usually a real footballer of superior quality to the rest of the team.

As the game progresses, the user will collect enough coins to buy more talented players and finally consecrate himself as champions of the highest division.

Football Agent

This free game is unlike the others. Instead of placing the player in the role of a technical director or the president of a team, the dynamics of the game is to be a representative of soccer players from different parts of the world and make them succeed in different teams. throughout his career.

The 5 mobile games about soccer, in the Qatar 2022 World Cup style

Soccer Agent

The players start with a small selection of players who must be helped to improve their contracts, authorize sponsorships and ensure that they have enough games in their teams. Over time, they can level up and even become Ballon d'Or winners.

Finally, once enough progress has been made in the game, users will be able to become presidents of their favorite club and even of their country's federation.

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