The 3rd Anniversary of the Founding of New Century Film and Television, Zheng Xuefei talks about actors’ emphasis on cultivation

September 21, 2021 by archyde

[Epoch Times September 22, 2021](Reported by The Epoch Times New York reporter station) This year isNew Century Film and TelevisionThe third anniversary of its establishment. At this milestone moment, New Century Film and Television launched a special introduction short film to review the three-year history. At the same time, through the free opening of the membership movie “Make a choice“, to give back to the audience.

Since its establishment in 2018,New Century Film and TelevisionSo far, more than 40 excellent films have been shot, which have won the love and praise of the audience. From its inception to the present, New Century Film and Television has won 101 awards in various film festivals. The feature feature film “The way home“It also won 61 international film festival awards. This is a rare achievement in the entire overseas Chinese film industry.

The main actors of New Century Film and Television, “The way home》The heroineZheng XuefeiRecently accepted an exclusive interview and shared her experience of participating in New Century Film and Television in the past three years.She believes that the reason why she can achieve today’s achievement is to pay attention to her ownMoralityAre inseparable.

Zheng XuefeiIn the interview, he said: “The more important thing is the morality and cultivation of the actors themselves. When I was learning acting, the older generation of artists would say that to learn to perform well, you must first learn to be a man. After joining the New Century Film and Television team, I think I have learned a lot from each member. The atmosphere of shooting in this team is unique, and I have never seen it before. The state of working together, the special peace, and each other Help and encourage each other.”

Zheng Xuefei graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy and has been exploring the path of performing arts. She was deeply moved when she left the mainland showbiz and joined New Century Film and Television. She said: “Film is a very comprehensive art, and every department needs professional staff to complete it. New Century Film and Television has passed its third anniversary. I think our actors have gone through these three years of practice and tempering. He is a very professional and good actor, as well as our photography, lighting, editing and service, has formed a professional team, which also depends on the cooperation and tolerance of each of our members. Many times our work People work late at night. (Because of) their dedication and selflessness, New Century Film and Television can go to this day and achieve such good results.”

On the occasion of the third anniversary, New Century Film’s annual masterpiece “Make a choice》This member-only movie will be released for free on the YouTube channel of New Century Film and Television in order to give back to the audience. This film is the second feature feature film produced by New Century Film and Television after “The Way Home”. The story is tortuous and intriguing. As the lead actor, Zheng Xuefei shared that when she created each character, she seemed to have experienced a different life.

“I feel like I’m telling the audience that something like this is still happening in this world, and there are people like this.” She said, “and he can get more positive and warm information through the film. I feel that This is a great feeling and experience.”

Finally, on behalf of the New Century Film and Television team, she said that she will not forget her original intention and continue to produce works that inspire people and carry traditional moral concepts, and bring warmth and hope to the audience. I believe this is a very meaningful thing.

Follow New Century Film’s YouTube channel to get the latest film information and viewing channels.

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