The 100 season 7: what end for Clarke, Octavia, Murphy, Raven and the others?

The 100 season 7: what end for Clarke, Octavia, Murphy, Raven and the others?

The 100 season 7: what end for Clarke, Octavia, Murphy, Raven and the others?

The 100 season 7: what end for the series? That's it, The 100 has bowed out … This Wednesday, September 30, 2020, The CW broadcast episode 16 of season 7, the very last of the series (we will have to wait to find out on Netflix). So is humanity saved or was the human species exterminated in the final episode? Who is dead ? Who made his return? What end was reserved for the characters? Be careful, if you haven't seen the last episode yet, this article contains spoilers.

After the end of How to Get Away with Murder or that of Agents of SHIELD, another flagship series has just ended this Wednesday, September 30, 2020: The CW has broadcast episode 16 of season 7 of The 100, the very last from the post-apocalyptic series. How does it end? Is it fatal, as we feared? Did the “last war” supposed to save humanity take place? With Cadogan (John Pyper-Ferguson) in possession of the code, he's ready to take on the Supreme Judge, who takes the face of his daughter Callie. If Clarke (Eliza Taylor), Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) and Levitt (Jason Diaz) try to stop him, it is too late: he has started the final test which consists of answering a series of questions as sincerely as possible. If his answers are convincing, humans will be transcended and become eternal. Otherwise, the human race will be exterminated.

Two returning characters for “the last war”

But he won't have time to answer the first question: Clarke shoots him in the head and takes his place, finding herself facing Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey) as judge. A moving but strange reunion since it is not really about her … While they are back in Sanctum, Jackson (Sachin Sahel) has managed to stabilize the state of Emori (Luisa D ' Oliveira) and tries to operate, but she will die on the operating table. But it is not yet added to the list of the many deaths of the series: Jackson will then implant his mind in that of Murphy (Richard Harmon), ready to sacrifice his body to stay with Emori. Meanwhile, Clarke leaves the test and hands over to Raven (Lindsey Morgan) who finds herself facing a judge who has taken on the appearance of Abby (Paige Turco), her loving mother. Unfortunately, she also fails to convince her that humanity is going to improve. It is ultimately Octavia, by deciding to stop the war and end the violence, who will save humanity.

What end for Clarke, Octavia, Raven and the other characters of The 100?

Each in turn, the characters will transcend, transforming themselves into balls of light. Only Clarke remains on Earth (transcendence is a choice), preparing to live the rest of her life alone, with the dog Picasso … It was without counting on Raven, Murphy, Emori, Octavia, Levitt, Jackson , Miller, Niylah, Echo, Indra, Gaia, Hope and Jordan who have decided to come back from their transcendence and spend their lives all together on Earth, so they are 14 out of the starting 100.

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