The 100 season 7: (SPOILER) dead, his interpreter reacts

The 100 season 7: (SPOILER) dead, his interpreter reacts

The 100 season 7: (SPOILER) dead, his interpreter reacts

The 100 season 7: (SPOILER) dead, his interpreter reacts We still have trouble recovering. In episode 13 of season 7 of The 100 broadcast this Wednesday, September 9 in the United States, one of the main characters of the series died. A double shock since some French fans and the whole world have been spoiled on social networks. This time, it is the turn of the interpreter of the new victim of the series to speak. Warning, this article contains spoilers, don't go any further if you don't want to know anything.

RIP Bellamy Blake. After Diyoza's death in episode 10 of season 7 of The 100, it is the hero of the series who died in episode 13. After betraying his friends and joining the Disciples, he was shot by Clarke (Eliza Taylor), desperate to protect Madi (Lola Flaney). A shock death that pissed off the fans. It must be said that a lot of people have been spoiled … because of the social networks of the series. Bob Morley , he took his precautions not to spoil anyone inadvertently and reacted to the death of the character he played since the first episode of the series.

“Goodbye Bellamy”

It is on his Instagram account that Eliza Taylor's husband spoke of Bellamy's shock death. The actor notably took advantage of his message to thank the team of the series but also the fans for their support. “ What a crazy, life-changing journey. I am deeply grateful to everyone who has been involved in the production over these long 7 years. I want to thank the crew, the cast, the writers, the production, Vancouver, the CW and the WB. And I want to thank the fans who went through this adventure with all of us. I made memories on and off set, at conventions that will burn inside me for the rest of my life “the actor posted before to send a message to his character: ” Goodbye Bellamy, it's time to go to bed, rest in peace. You are finally free “.

For his part, the creator of The 100 Jason Rothenberg had defended the death of Bellamy in a message posted on Twitter. ” This loss is shattering but his life and his endless love for his family remains and will affect everything that comes after, until the end of the series ” he posted.

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