“That’s why WWE sucks!”: The networks charge against the “stupid” end of the fight between Roman Reigns and Finn Bálor for the universal championship

September 27, 2021 by archyde


27 sep 2021 05:34 GMT

The fight between both superstars has been the main event of the Extreme Rules event, held this Sunday.

Social networks have not been at all happy with the outcome of the main fight of the WWE Extreme Rules event, held this Sunday. The long-awaited fight between the universal champion Roman Reigns and Finn Bálor, who has appeared as ‘the Demon’, ended in the least expected way. After beating the champion and the Usos who came to help him, the Irishman climbed the ropes to ‘finish’ Reigns with his classic ‘Coup de Grâce’. But, suddenly, the rope collapsed under him, injuring him, then received a hard ‘Spear’ from the champion and ended up defeated.

Once the fight was over, multiple fans took to the networks to express their outrage with WWE for this type of end to a long-awaited match.

“This shit sucks so much!” One netizen tweeted.

“That’s why WWE sucks!” added other. Meanwhile, a third has loaded against “arrogance and stupidity” of what the company does.

Another Twitter user has insured that the episode has made him feel “like WWE hit him in the stomach.”

Yet another has highlighted the ridiculousness of the situation, given that the rope broke under Bálor, a much lighter fighter than Sheamus, who was dancing on it during his own match at the same event.

Several limited themselves to posting ironic memes about the situation.

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