“Thanks to the program you are getting to know me”: Jean Philippe Cretton’s funny joke to Pamela Díaz after telling her childhood anecdotes

September 5, 2021 by archyde

In a new chapter of “Backpackers“, Pamela Diaz and Jean Philippe Cretton they toured Puerto Varas, the hometown of the host of the TVN program.

Both visited the “Playa Nevada” cafeteria to enjoy different dishes that are prepared in the same place and only with local products, such as delicacies and cheeses.

Jean Philippe Cretton confessed that when he was little he helped his grandmother to process cheese: “I had to prepare a large jar. The cheese came out delicious. I did it from six to 15“.

Jean Philippe Cretton to Pamela Díaz: “Thanks to the program you are getting to know me”

The driver of “I am all stars“He also said that” I helped give birth to cows. When the cows came out, he grabbed their legs. Sometimes we even pushed with the tractor, that was when the cows had problems calving“.

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Pamela Díaz was impressed with her partner’s stories, so much so that Jean Philippe Cretton launched a funny joke: “How good that thanks to the program you are getting to know me“.

“No, if I know you. I knew that your grandmother made cheese and that your dad didn’t like the smell,” the “Fiera” defended, laughing.

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