“Thank you”: Potap and Nastya Kamensky in the wedding anniversary showed favorite photos

"Спасибо тебе": Потап и Настя Каменских в годовщину свадьбы показали любимые фото

Potap and Nastya Kamensky. Photo: instagram.com/novias.ua

Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky and rapper and producer Potap today, may 23, to celebrate the first wedding anniversary.

Lovers in honor radostovo events published on their pages in romantic Instagram wedding photo.

First delighted fans Potap. He published black-and-white photo of the wedding kiss.

1 anniversary! Calico wedding! I Love Nastya Kamensky. Thank you,” wrote Alex.

Then the singer has posted their favorite wedding photo. It also has a black and white.

Neither the wedding nor the painting, nor the first anniversary or subsequent have no value! Most importantly — this is an extraordinary and inexplicable bond between us. Which makes to believe in all the legends and stories about happiness, about the real bond over! People can live their entire married life, never having known true love, but it is the main and fundamental feeling! My father always said that love comes like a sunstroke. And I wish everyone in the world knew and felt it! Because love is such happiness,” wrote the singer.

Recall that the wedding Potap and Nastya were found to be the brightest event in the Ukrainian show business 2019. The celebration took place in a restaurant near Kiev.

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