Tesla recalls 300,000 vehicles: which models are affected?

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New problem at Tesla, this time with a rear light problem that affects more than 300,000 vehicles

Tesla is recalling 300,000 vehicles: which models are affected?

Another blow for Tesla, which has multiplied recalls in recent months… Recently, the firm recalled more than 40,000 Model S and Model Y, the fault of a concern related to the power steering, when the cars go over potholes or on rough roads. Today, the American manufacturer announces that more than 300,000 vehicles are affected by an electrical problem, affecting the taillights.

More than 300,000 Tesla affected by a problem with the taillights

It's high time 2022 ended for Tesla, with the automaker getting dangerously close to 20 recalls for its vehicles. Today, the firm has decided to recall no less than 321,000 vehicles in the United States, mainly Model 3s and Model Ys. The latter are likely to suffer from a software problem with the taillights .

Tesla has already indicated that it has not identified any accidents related to this concern, but in a file filed with the American Highway Safety Agency, the manufacturer however, recognizes potential collision risks. Note that turn signals, reversing lights and brake lights are not affected.

An update to fix the problem

Specifically, the concern concerns the rear lights, which are likely to light up intermittently. Tesla says the malfunction is caused by false fault detections during the vehicle wake-up process. 2022 obliges, there is no need to return your vehicle to the garage if you are concerned by the problem. Indeed, the manufacturer confirms that the problem will be corrected remotely, via an update to download. Once available, the latter will be indicated by a small notification displayed directly on the touch screen of the vehicle.

A few weeks ago, Tesla was also forced to recall all cyberquads for children. In all, no less than 5,000 vehicles were affected, with owners being able to obtain a full refund for the vehicle, simply by returning an engine component.

For the record, no happy to be involved in the electric car market, the American Tesla will very soon invest in another market, namely that of the electric truck. Indeed, the manufacturer will deliver the first copies of its Semi truck, the recharging of which already raises serious issues as to the speed with which high-speed chargers will have to supply electricity in one place and at a specific time. A launch that will be celebrated with great fanfare by Tesla on December 1.