Tesla propagated charging checks for electric cars at water containers

Tesla propagated charging checks for electric cars at water containers

A swimming pool has appeared at the Tesla charging station near German Hilden.

 Tesla ordered charging checks for electric cars at containers with water

Tesla company failed to fight against unforgiving sintering in Europe in an original way and put a mandate from charging terminals to a compact swimming pool, destroying a steel tubing container. The first one appeared at the little town of Hilden. Here, one of the largest Tesla Supercharger stations near Nymechchyna is insured – it is insured for 40 electric cars, and on the territory there is a bakery and a cafe. You can spend no more than 10 hours in such a pool.

The Tesla Supercharger station at Hilden includes 40 terminals: 150 kW and 32 250 kW. This is one of the largest charging stations near Nimechchyna, so here, obviously, you can often find the right place. However, now the Vlasniks of electric cars have another reason to get to Hilden – the pool. Yogo was smashed from a steel vantage container and put in order with “superchargers”.

In the pool, one hour at a time, chotiri individuals can swell – but no more than ten quills. Theoretically, what can be done to refresh yourself. Aja needs to dry out, and at that hour the exercises will end. Anniversary of the pool – from 14:00 to 19:00.

Same station possessed by sleepy panels and one of the first to accept electric vehicles of other types. In addition, there is a bakery and cafe on the territory.

The company has a bigger ambitious project. Hollywood Tesla can name the first station, which combines a cinema, a restaurant, a bar and the charging terminals themselves. It can charge 34 cars at once. Restaurant, building service one hour 218 osіb, pratsyuvatime tsіlodobovo, and cinema – from somoї early until 11 pm.