Tesla Model Y electric car smashed for 5 stars: crash test results

Tesla Model Y electric car smashed for 5 stars: crash test results

The Tesla Model Y electric car has taken off the most important ratings from the safety rating of the European New Car Assessment Program.

Tesla voted for a 5-star rating.

As part of this rating, the Model Y scored the biggest ball in the middle of all transportation costs, protesting for the newest and best Euro NCAP testing protocol. The water was grounded on the Model Y building value to protect adults, children and rogue road users, such as cyclists and walkers, as well as on other additional safety functions.

Tesla Model Electric Car Y smashed into 5 stars: crash test results

Model Y took away the name result from 97% in the category “Protection of overgrown passengers” – the price of the most significant indicator of the average of successful transport costs, protests against this protocol. This category assessment is determined by a series of frontal, lateral and posterior injury tests for supplementary analysis of a number of other safety attributes, such as the order of magnitude, safety and security after an accident.

Completed Euro NCAP Evaluation for New Model Y Cars with Latest Technology, Safety Features and Functions:

  • Litty of the rear bottom: Litty of the rear bottom in the future with a stronger battery block to ensure the safety of the noise in the event of a shutdown, in addition to helping to improve the viability of the water. This ability allows Tesla's advanced security systems to effectively deploy in the cabin, facilitating passengers on the spot and safely protecting them from entering the cabin.
  • airbag safety: safe dodatkovy zahist pіd hіchnyh zіtknen, especially if there are two passengers sitting in front. This airbag flexes between the front seats to prevent head injuries that could be caused by contact between passengers.
  • Water monitoring system to prevent glare: vicorist direct monitoring to detect water glare and automatically adjust the system's sensitivity to frontal glare to make it more reactive.

Tesla Vision's best result /h2>

The Model Y also scored the highest score of 98% in the Euro NCAP Safety System category. What results have been achieved for additional Model Y cars equipped with Tesla Vision, a camera and a neural network processing system, which is now standard for all Tesla cars that are delivered to Pivnichnu America and Europe. Whose result is the result, it is possible for someone to not believe it, through the presence of the most recent radar.

Also, the naming efficiency was demonstrated automatically by the emergency galvanization, as it was recognized that the situation was reduced during the turn of the traffic lane across the road and the traffic was reversed from the conflicting participants in the road traffic on this route. Model Y also scored the same number of points in the category “Smog Rush Support System”. The smog control systems help to reduce the number of roadside sights, which is one of the main reasons for stopping and head-on accidents from Euro NCAP.

Our team pratsyuє over the movement of the safety of the water. The achievement of one of the most important indicators of safety does not confuse us, it encourages us to work with the most secure transportation services in the world more safely,” Tesla said.

As previously mentioned by Autogeek, Tesla operates above it, to make the Model Y in China safer with an additional safety cushion.

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