Tesla is recalling all of its children's Cyberquads from the factory

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Tesla's Cyberquads for kids first hit the market in December 2021, they'll all have to go back to the factory.

Tesla is recalling all of its Cyberquads for children from the factory

This is a blow for Tesla. While Elon Musk is finalizing the takeover of Twitter, things are more complicated on the side of his car company. A recent report from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, has just called for the immediate return of all Cyberquad for Kids marketed by Tesla.

In all, 5,000 vehicles are affected. The company Radio Flyer, which was in charge of the design of the device, would not have respected several federal standards with regard to the mechanical suspension or even the maximum pressure of the tires.

A product not compliant for sale

The product, according to the report, should never have been sold in the United States. He did not have an ATV plan, a document that indicates how the vehicle is built and what safety standards it meets. This paper, which does not exist in the case of Tesla's Cyberquad, is nevertheless mandatory for the marketing of a motorized vehicle in the United States.

In a press release, the company Radio Flyer declared that all models sold had to be returned. The company has assured that customers will be fully reimbursed ($ 1,950). For the moment the sale of these products is suspended and there is no guarantee that it will resume in the future.

No serious accident has been recorded

The Cyberquad for children was intended for a young audience (between 7 and 14 years old). With a maximum range of 25 kilometers and a top speed of 16 km/h. The device has a steel frame as well as a single seat. According to information transmitted by Radio Flyer, there have been no cases of accidents reported to the company since the beginning of the marketing of the device.

The only notable fact goes back to a fairly old story where the quad was driven by a child and an adult. Because of this unexpected overload, the device ended up flipping over without causing much damage. The Cyberquad for kids went on sale by Tesla shortly before Christmas 2021.

The company marketed the product to look as much like an adult Cyberquad as possible. It was initially sold for $1900. It was never released outside of the United States.

24,000 Model 3s are returning to the factory

In addition to this entire model recall, these are more than 24,000 Tesla cars that will have to return to the brand's factories. The American media Electrek explains that Model 3s built in 2017 will have to go to the brand's garage for a complete overhaul.

A recent report claims that the car has a seat belt defect. Again Tesla ensures that this would never have caused serious accidents. However, the figures are harder to prove since only part of the Model 3 production is affected by this problem.