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Tesla company allowed to expand the factory near Berlin

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul6,2024

Tesla company allowed to expand factory near Berlin

The permission of the Brandenburg authorities will enable the American company to start construction work in Grünheide ahead of schedule. The permission does not extend to the expansion of the territory for the construction of a cargo terminal.

The American manufacturer of electric cars – the company Tesla – has been allowed to expand its only plant in Europe in order to increase production. The Environmental Protection Agency of the federal state of Brandenburg on Thursday, July 4, approved the corresponding statement from Tesla. As a result, the American company will be able to start early the first construction works in Grünheide near Berlin.

At the same time, the permission of the Brandenburg authorities applies only to the expansion of production on the already existing territory of the plant without cutting down the forest. It does not refer to the planned expansion of the territory to build a cargo terminal, which has sparked protests.

Raising production of electric cars

Tesla plans to double the annual production of electric cars in Grünheide from half a million to million units. Until now, it was only possible to reach the figure of 300,000 electric cars per year. American billionaire Elon Musk's company has been producing electric cars in Grünheid since March 2022. About 12,000 people are employed at this enterprise.

The planned reduction of jobs at Tesla around the world against the backdrop of the slump in the electric car market also affected hundreds of jobs in Grünheide. In April, Tesla announced the closing of 400 jobs at this plant. However, the company plans to increase production in the future.

Environmentalists and local residents are very concerned about Tesla's plans, as the plant in Grünheide is partially located in a conservation area. The company intends to build another large factory premises and optimize existing capacities.

Natasha Kumar

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