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TES Canada is going to the meeting of citizens

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The general director of TES Canada, Eric Gauthier, was on hand to discuss with citizens.

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TES Canada began its series of citizen meetings in Shawinigan on Tuesday evening. More than 150 citizens were present to better understand what the Mauricie project is, which represents an investment of $4 billion for the region.

The general director of TES Canada, Eric Gauthier, says this is a first step. The company will then collect the opinions, comments and concerns of citizens with a view to adapting the project accordingly.

We want this to be a collaborative project. The goal is not to force wind turbines into people's backyards.

A quote from Eric Gauthier, general manager

To enable this exchange, the company has set up six stations, run by more than ten experts involved in the project, to present the entire Mauricie project in figures and images.

In total, the company plans to give back $11 million to the community per year. Based on a preliminary scenario including 140 5.6 MW wind turbines, $4,500 will be distributed annually per megawatt to municipalities, property owners and neighbors.

Eric Gauthier also recalls that, to see the light of day, the project must go through social acceptability.

And the curiosity of the citizens was very present Tuesday evening. Some were on site to obtain further information, others questioned the return on such an investment, and still others were firmly in favor of the project.

Two other information sessions will be held on November 26 and 27 in Saint-Adelphe and Saint-Narcisse.

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