Terrorists of the “DPR” openly tell about the evils of the Russians in Olenivtsi

Terrorists of the “DPR” openly tell about the evils of the Russians in Olenivtsi

Terrorists of the "DNR" tell about the evils of the Russians in Olenivtsy DNR” do not believe those who “shelled” Ukraine has created the right one in Olenivtsy.

As you remember the website of the SBU, the secret services have a dekilka audio-transfer, as if you tell about the devilish evils of the Russians. Narazі the whole array of information will be given.

“Judging from the roses of the militants, the Russians could rule the tragedy for the rahunka of the vibukhivka, like the stench spread around the host colony. Zokrema, from eyewitnesses, I didn’t feel, as if to the right, install a rocket like a rocket. There was no characteristic whistling, but the vibes were waking up on their own”, – go to the helper.

The scammers confirm that the Russians have spread their installations “Grad” nearby, they set up a police station and started shooting from them on the territory controlled by Ukraine. On the eve of the next shelling, the airmen did not fear – This is confirmed by the “DPR” militants themselves.

More, judging by the recent videos of the Merezha, in the neighborhoods of the colony, viknas were mostly built. It is worth mentioning about those that the epicenter of the vibuhu was in the middle of a deplorable life, and that the walls were “turned off” vibukhovi hvili and “saved” loan application.

Such a forward analysis of the video shows that such vibes on the walls could most easily be lost through the “inner neck” vibuhu.

Here is an impersonal proof that the Ukrainian military forces did not launch rocket and artillery strikes on the area of ​​the Olenivka settlement. As a matter of fact, Russian propaganda about nothing was fired from the side of the ZSU with bullshit and provocation.

T.v.o. head of the SBU Vasyl Malyuk, saying that Russia will not be able to take responsibility for this crooked mischief.

“ The Russian Federation itself is guilty of killing Ukrainian captives. Tse confirm and first evidence. I’m sure that the evidence base will only be improved over time. The investigators of the SBU have already started an investigation of this malice within the framework of a criminal investigation”, – appointing Vasyl Malyuk.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich