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“Terrible news”: Jamala commented on the confiscation of property in Crimea for the first time

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun29,2024

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At the beginning of June, the Russian occupiers announced that they had seized the property of the Ukrainian singer Jamala in Alushta. At most, the aggressor has already managed to sell the artist's property.

Ukrainian singer Jamala commented for the first time on the illegal appropriation of her parents' house in Crimea. She told about this in an interview with the publication Insider.

The performer saw the news about the deprivation of her parents' house in Crimea. According to the artist, this information confused the whole family and is very painful for her. The singer cannot understand that this can happen in the civilized world.

First they occupy the territory, and then they take everything there?! This is repression, this is deportation in modern times! This once again demonstrates the self-righteousness of the Russian authorities, the artist noted.

Jamala shared that the property belongs directly to her parents, who have been building it for over twenty years. The performer's family earned their own housing by honest work. However, the artist still does not understand why the Russians mocked her parents, if it was she who was declared wanted.

I will not be silent, that's for sure. If I remain silent, the Russians will come to other Crimean Tatars, to all Ukrainians in the occupied territories, to continue to commit arbitrariness, Jamala assured.

"Horrible news": Jamala commented on the confiscation of property in Crimea for the first time


In addition to Jamala, the invaders deprived another 110 Ukrainians of property in the temporarily occupied the Crimean peninsula. By their actions, the Russians once again proved their heartlessness and cynicism.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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