“Tender militarization”: will women be punished for refusing to mobilize

“Tender militarization”: will women be punished for refusing to mobilize

"Tender militarization": will women be punished for refusing to mobilize

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As already reported, from October 1, 2022, military registration for women with a certain profession will be introduced in Ukraine. At the same time, women will voluntarily decide whether to go to the military registration and enlistment offices or not. There is no liability for failure to appear.

This was reported by manager of the law firm PwC Legal Artem Krikun-Trush to Hromadske.

In accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, failure to appear at the recruitment center should be punished by an administrative fine for violating accounting rules or criminal liability if women ignore warnings, since the law does not distinguish between those liable for military service under the article.

However, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine emphasized that a woman is not liable for military service until she voluntarily will be registered with the military. That is, it is illegal to bring a person not liable for military service to responsibility for violating the duties of a person liable for military service.

"This is an affectionate militarization of women. Do not establish responsibility for women — this is a very correct step. Do not force, do not punish. Those women who have the necessary profession, motivation and desire to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine will do it themselves and will not wait for October 1″, – noted Artem Krikun-Trush.

Earlier, BAGNET published a list of professions, representatives of which must be registered with the military from October 1.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga