Telescope Gemini North fixed two galaxies

Telescope Gemini North fixed two galaxies

Gemini North telescope detects two galaxies

Photo: Gemini North UNNTelescope having seen the closeness of two galaxies

The stench is roaming on the 60 million light rocks in the view of the Earth, right next to the divi, and offending the stench of spiral galaxies, go up to our Chumatsky Way.

Gemini telescope North Laboratories NOIRLab having created an effective image of the collision of two galaxies. This manifestation provoked the sanctification of the cosmic “blizzard”. Here you write UNN.

Designate that the galaxy NGC 4568 is NGC 4567 was afraid of the process of closing that anger. The stench of roztashovani z vіdrivom 20 000 svetlovih rokіv one in one, to be finished close. When galaxies go through the ruinous phase of anger.

NOIRLab has shown that the process of shutting down is similar to the one that will be destroyed by the Chumatsky Way, if the Andromeda galaxy is close to us, it will close to our galaxy through a rocky road.

During the approach of the galaxies NGC 4568 and NGC 4567, majestic gravitational forces began to create these forms, stretching parts and causing a burst of cosmic creation.

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