Telegram will have a rich mode

Telegram will have a rich mode

Telegram w’appears richer mode

Retailers of the popular messenger "Telegram" vyrishili trіshki noviti dextopny variant. Zakrema, in the beta version, the addition was the ability to open channels and chats in the next few windows, similar to the view.

Innovations were introduced in the beta version of Telegram 3.7.6 for Windows and Linux. To remove access to the rest of the versions, you need to go to “Push in the update”, activate the button “Install beta versions”. Next, you need to update and restart the add-on.

Then, you need to activate the rich mode. For whom go to "Settings", and in the section "Push settings" know "Experimental settings", and select the option "New chat windows by Ctrl+Click".

To speed up the function, press the left button of the bear one hour with Ctrl on the desired chat, to open yoga in the new window. This is how you can create a rich mode.

Prepared by: Sergiy Daga