Tel Aviv University is recognized as the best in Israel

Tel Aviv University is recognized as the best in Israel

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 Tel Aviv University named the best in Israel

The prestigious international ranking published by the National Taiwan University is based on the number of academic publications and citations, as well as research performance.

Aviv University (TAU) is ranked 112th in the world and 1st in Israel, up from 144th last year. This jump brings TAU closer to the top 100 best universities in the world.

Based entirely on scientific publications, NTU rankings include 874 universities worldwide. This year, the top 5 are Harvard (USA), Stanford (USA), University of London (UK), Oxford (UK) and Johns Hopkins (USA) ).

From Israeli Universities The Hebrew University of Jerusalem ranked 273- e place, Technion — in 346th place, while Ben Gurion, Bar Ilan and Haifa did not make it into the top 400.

Each ranked university is assigned a score based on the number of publications (25% of the score ), the number of citations of scientific papers (35%) and the quality of research (40%). The research quality component includes the H-index, the number of most cited articles and the number of articles published in leading journals.

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