Teens victims of ECP fraud

Teens victims of ECP fraud

Young people who were not entitled to the Canada Emergency Benefit because they had never worked learned that they had been victims of fraud.

“My 16 year old daughter is a full time high school student. She has never worked or even produced a tax return, ”says Lucie Dumas.

Last week, she still received a tax form that said her child had withdrawn $ 4,000 in ECPs.

A father deplores a similar situation that happened to his daughter of the same age.

“Someone opened an account with his information at Desjardins to claim three PCU checks, so $ 6,000. However, it does not even enter the criteria to be entitled to the PKU, explains Jonathan, who preferred to keep his last name silent.

Hours on the phone

Parents spent long hours on the phone to report the fraud to bodies such as the police, the Canada Revenue Agency and their banking institution.

“I spent at least 7 to 10 hours on the phone, says Mme Dumas. And the steps are not yet over. “

She is all the more discouraged as this fraud will affect her daughter’s credit for the rest of her life.

“She is asked to keep papers all her life that prove that she has been a victim of fraud. As soon as she asks for credit, it will be up to her to prove that she has been the victim of fraud, ”she laments.

No verification was done in the early months of the PCU and fraudsters were well aware of this flaw, according to Paul Laurier, president of the security firm Vigiteck.

“It had to go fast. Today, we see the impact of that, he believes. For one or two more weeks, at the IT level […] we would have found these flaws quickly. ”

No more fraud in Quebec

We had received 7198 complaints related to PKU at the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center as of December 31. It is in Quebec that there are the most of these frauds (2365) followed closely by Ontario (2295).

The biggest data theft in Quebec history, which took place at Desjardins in 2019, could have an impact on these statistics.

“The fraudsters had a good database on Quebec soil. Almost all Quebecers have been there, explains expert Paul Laurier. Those who were able to access this data were able to use it to request [la PCU]. “

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