Teen Wolf’s back with season 7 ? For its creator, “all may one day again resume”

Teen Wolf de retour avec une saison 7 ? Pour son créateur "tout peut un jour de nouveau reprendre"

Teen Wolf be back soon with a season 7 ? The creator responds

3 years just after the airing of its final episode, Teen Wolf she will already make her grand return to tv ? Jeff Davis, the creator, has spoken on the future of the series and a possible season 7.

Teen Wolf will she be the new old set to make his big return to television ? As we know, many of the actors from the cult series from MTV, starting with Tyler Posey, are already ready to be found in front of the camera. But what is it with Jeff Davis, the creator of this fiction launched in 2011 ? His opinion is more mixed.

A possible return, but…

This weekend, MTV has assembled the cast of the fiction and its creator (see here) to celebrate the anniversary of the first season. And of course, Jeff Davis could not escape questions about a possible return. His response ? “You have no idea of the number of messages that I get and that I say, ‘Where is season 7 of Teen Wolf ?‘.” However, he immediately clarified, “And it makes me hallucinate. Because I can’t imagine myself being able to write a new episode“.

What thus put an end to the hope of a possible return ? Not quite. Jeff Davis was then recalled, “We are in an era where the reboot is king, so all can one day again return.” Moreover, he is conscious of it, “I know that there are entities above that in the dream“. Nevertheless, even if it still doesn’t seem quite decided about it, the future of Teen Wolf would not simply pass through him, “so who knows, it could be done, either with me or someone else“.

A season 7 of Teen Wolf without Jeff Davis to write, is it really worth it ? This is the question to which these “entities” will now have to think about it.

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