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Technology can't stand it: the new gadget clicks the mouse with crazy speed (video)

From the Lego Technic set, developers were able to create a device that broke the record for clicking a computer mouse, but can easily break it .

Lucas-Dynamics engineers decided to push the boundaries of autoclick using components from the Lego Technic set. As a result, it was possible to create a device that automatically and quickly clicks a mouse button, transmits Tom's Hardware.

The number of clicks per second is measured using a third-party web application With its help, you can get an estimate of the average click rate. According to a video shared by Lucas-Dynamics, the record of 37 clicks per second was broken.

But at first the results were quite mediocre and did not reach even half of the record figures. A small adjustment of the gear ratios and the angle of the pressure quickly changed the situation: the website CPS Test recorded almost 30 clicks per second.

Then the developers installed a faster motor on the device and replaced the pressure element with a wheel one, — when it spins, its little legs hit the mouse button, making a click. The testing was so intense that the mouse had to be taped to protect it from damage.

After all the refinements and modifications, the final clicks per second rate was just over 70. According to the engineers, they unofficially consider their autoclicker to be the fastest in the world. the world In the video, you can see that the gadget not only set a new record, but also caused the CPS Test site to freeze.

If you want to reproduce this project, there are no exact instructions in the media, but you can watch the original video and read the review Raspberry Pi Build HAT, which makes it easier to work with Lego Technic components.

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