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Technology also needs coolness: how to protect gadgets from the summer heat

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun22,2024

Technology also needs coolness: how to protect gadgets from the summer heat

High temperatures have a bad effect not only on people and animals, but also on gadgets and household appliances. Overheating leads to a sharp reduction in the service life of equipment. Therefore, in addition to trying to keep yourself cool, you also need to think about the conditions for the stable operation of your tablet, laptop, and other gadgets.

How to determine that a gadget is overheating

If the device feels hot to the touch, it may be overheating. This can lead to serious problems, as too high temperatures can damage the internal components.

Another sign of overheating of the gadget can be the rapid discharge of the battery. In the heat, the device requires additional effort to work, which affects battery wear.

How to protect gadgets from overheating

If you notice your phone, tablet or laptop heating up more than usual, stop using the device and let it cool down, advises Metro.

Close apps and windows you're not using. Especially such as photo and video editing applications, GPS and productivity packages (such as Google Workspace).

Keep ventilation openings on the back or side of computers/laptops clear of any obstructions. Periodically remove the cover from such gadgets as a tablet or phone.

Clean your workplace and gadgets at least once a week so that dust does not clog the ventilation holes of the device.

Gadgets should not be under direct sunlight. Install blinds on the windows or hang thick curtains to protect the equipment from overheating.

If you have to use your laptop or phone outside, find a shaded place to work.

Another way to keep your gadgets safe , especially the laptop, is safe in the summer — use a cooling stand.

Do not use gadgets while they are charging.

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