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Teachers’ strike: no respite for the FAE | Strikes in the sector public in Quebec

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The 66,000 primary and secondary teachers who are members of the FAE are on an indefinite general strike since November 23.

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The president of the Autonomous Education Federation (FAE), Mélanie Hubert, addressed her members in a video on Facebook Friday evening , around 9 p.m., to inform them that the work is continuing in the hope of reaching an agreement with the government for the renewal of the collective agreements.

Don't worry, the negotiation continues over the weekend. It is the priority of the FAE to reach a satisfactory agreement, declared Ms. Hubert on the sidelines of a meeting between the executive committee and the negotiating committee of the Federation.

The 66,000 primary and secondary teachers who are members of the FAE have been on an indefinite general strike since November 23 and do not have a funding fund. strike.

In the last few days, there has been a lot of confusion about the status of the situation. Prime Minister François Legault said he was confident on Wednesday that children will be able to return to school on Monday, which was described as unrealistic by the president of the FAE.

Mélanie Hubert indicated on Friday that things were not progressing at the desired pace, but that negotiations were continuing.

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The president of the Autonomous Federation of Education (FAE), Mélanie Hubert

Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

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Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

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We will be available all weekend to move things forward and the management side has also assured us of its availability for the next two days. What remains to be done is to move forward with the work each of us and set up meetings to talk again, she said.

In the meantime, have a nice weekend. We will let the negotiation take its course. Try to rest and we'll see you on the picket lines on Monday, Ms. Hubert added in her address to members.

The inter-union common front will also take stock next week on negotiations with the Quebec government, on what happens next for its members, and whether it will exercise its mandate of an unlimited general strike.

The 420,000 workers in the education and health networks represented by the common front, made up of the CSN, the CSQ, the FTQ and the x27;APTS, concluded their third sequence of strikes on Thursday.

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The Common Front held a third sequence strike, from December 8 to 14.

For its part, the Interprofessional Health Federation (FIQ), which represents 80,000 nurses, practical nurses and other healthcare professionals, hoped for a response from the government on Thursday to a proposal that it had submitted the day before on working conditions.

The FIQ will also take stock of the negotiations next week, after three strike sequences by its members.

Both Prime Minister François Legault and Treasury Board President Sonia LeBel described the negotiations with the FIQ as very difficult.

Prime Minister Legault even let it slip that we should not expect an outcome before Christmas. I think it will be better in January, he said earlier this week.

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