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Teacher morale: FAE “concerned” for the future | Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

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The 66,500 members of the Autonomous Education Federation (FAE) were on an indefinite general strike from November 23 to December 28, 2023. (Archive photo)

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Despite its resolution, the unlimited general strike (GGI) of 2023 has left after-effects, notes the president of the Autonomous Education Federation (FAE), Mélanie Hubert. “We have concerns for the future,” she admitted, taking stock of the state of the national negotiations at a press briefing on Monday morning in Montreal.

Ms. Hubert spoke of the bitterness, frustration and anger of many teachers, who narrowly accepted the agreement in principle reached with Quebec during the holidays. Five of the nine unions affiliated to the FAE endorsed it, four rejected it. And those who voted for the deal gave it lukewarm support.

We didn't get it. x27;understanding that teachersdeserve, recognized Ms. Hubert on Monday, promising in the same breath to continue the struggles until the next renewal of collective agreements. The work must continue, in particular to lighten the task of teachers and defend public schools, she stressed.

Mélanie Hubert spoke on Monday for the first time since the December 28 agreement was submitted for approval to FAE members . In particular, she promised to complete her mandate, which will end in June 2025.

As for the inevitable strategic autopsy of the Federation, which plunged 66,500 teachers into a five-week GGI without them being able to benefit from a strike fund, Ms. Hubert estimated that it was still too early to draw any conclusions. However, she argued that the fight was necessary.

Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

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Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

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More details will follow.

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